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How to Write a Kick Ass 30-Second Sound Byte to Attract Your Clients

How to Write a Kick Ass 30-Second Sound Byte to Attract Your Clients


Today I was working with a client to write their 30-second sound byte – you know, the one that we all share at networking events… the one that’s not working… the one that bores the pants off you! (Snore)  Most people rattle them off without any passionate connection (ugh, kiss of death). Marketing is the transference of enthusiasm from one person to another – so get excited!

I’m a firm believer in using a format and twisting it to be… surprising! That was the original idea behind “Head Whippin’ Hooks” – getting peoples’ attention by interrupting business as (Snore) usual and being playful, surprising and unexpected!

At the holiday party mixer tonight so many people just walked up to me and said, “What do you do?” By the end of the evening I just couldn’t take it anymore and got sassy saying  “None of your business!” And they replied; “Now I really want to know!” That’s the power of surprise. It’s compelling and mysterious. People love it.

“Don’t Tell and Don’t Sell”

Here are 3 tips to spice up your introduction and go from wallflower to WOWZA!

  1.   Make a provocative statement

Lead with a compelling sentence or statement that will get attention and interrupt people’s mind chatter. One of my clients opens with “The trouble with women is… Men!” He’s a sex and relationship expert. If you’re a web designer you could say “Does your website suck?” If you’re a CPA you could say, “I love money and money loves me”.

  1.   Use expressive language

Your job is to pump up the fascination level. The best way to do this is with expressive language like fiercely frustrated, crushing them with kindness, sounds of silence. One of my favorite books for this is Pop by Sam Horn.

  1.   Think different

If everyone in your industry is using the same language to describe what he or she does, change it. Find different analogies to express your service. My friend Mimi Donaldson uses football analogies to talk about business in her book Necessary Roughness. One of my favorite sayings is “Dream like an eagle and plan like a mouse.” Collect inspirational quotes and sayings to get your mojo started.

For those of you who want to start with the tried and true format before you go freestyle start with this:

Audacious Tip: You can still apply the top 3 ideas to the formula stand out and shake it up.

30 Sec. Formula:

I work with (insert your ideal client) _______________________________________________________

…who struggles with (insert clients BFP big freakin’ problem) ____________________________________?

…so they can (insert the results and benefits) _________________________________________________

What separates me from other (insert people that do the same service as you) is that I only focus on (insert niche or specialty) _________________________________________________________

And because of this, my clients get (insert motivators, results or transformation)._______________________

…even if they think they are never going to ___________________________________________________

Would you like to know more? OR… Isn’t that something you would like too?

Memorize the format above and then start to go freestyle. Have fun with it, change it up and lose it all together. The worst thing you can do is be BORING and FORGOTTEN.

Get your Rock Star On!

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