Why Personal (Rebel) Branding is the Most Important Thing You Can Do for Yourself

By March 3, 2017Rebel Branding

This is really embarrassing.

But when I first decided to step out and start my own business… I actually wore business suits.

(Yeah, I know it’s hard to believe)

It was so scary to be out in front and be seen (ugh). No one really remembered me. I just sounded like all the other marketing and branding people out there.

People would usually say “I like your hair, what do you do?”

I used to come home exhausted and pissed off. Until one day I totally got “it” 

I just stopped trying.

Shit, I had been a Rebel all my life.

Yes, the girl with the stiff finger. The angry one who hated the rules, labels, or anything that stifled and tried to keep me (or anyone) else small…In a box.

So we didn’t rock the boat, make waves. or challenge the status quo.

We think it’s smart to “fit in” and most of us have been living by other peoples’ rules and trying to be NORMAL all of our lives.

But what I discovered in business is that fitting in is the “Kiss of Death”. Do that and you just disappear into the noise of 1 billion websites and thousands of other people doing what you do… 

Even when you’re the best.

That doesn’t matter.

You have got to be DIFFERENT.

A bigger, bolder, more colorful version of who you know yourself to be.

It’s all created by design…

Your Rebel Brand is the best way to do it.

Like Madonna. We know her as a brand… Big bold brassy bad ass.

But who is Madonna, really?

She is all those things (and like all of us) so many more things too.

It’s our personalities that really distinguish us from someone else. It’s our unique 1% that separates us from everyone else. Your own unique way of viewing the world. Your life experiences.

“It’s a lot more than your career and your education”

To begin to create your personal rebel brand ask yourself these 4 Questions:

1) What breaks your heart?

Gawh –ahead and let it rip uncensored. Surprise yourself.

No one is going to read this unless you grow a pair (Lady Balls) and share.

This week has been especially emotional for me. I am a badass and I can cry with total abandon…building a business is hard, life can be challenging and I am grateful I am not alone. I have friends, colleagues and mentors to support me through it all.

2) What pisses you off?

Ladies you have my permission to be mad as hell! Being mad is such a great emotion to move you into action. So get MAD. You don’t even need a reason…Just write it as it comes out. You’ll find it will liberate your Rebel Soul.

When I am teaching my Rock Your Rebel Style masterclass we go into this deeply looking at our personal stories (for each decade of your life). It’s powerful because you begin to see your DNA. Where it came from and why you are the best person to be doing what you are doing. And why (for your clients) you are the only choice to work with.

Yeah, it’s that powerful.

Stop trying to be someone else and be Yourself.

Your Personal Brand, Your Rebel Self is the key to success.

3) What do other people say you are great at?

In fact they come to you (and have always) come to you you for this.

A lot of times what we are super good at we don’t value. We just give it away. “Oh just take it…You don’t need to pay me for that”.

That which comes easy to you is what you should be charging the most for

So many of my new clients come to me saying that they give their expertise and value away. And they wonder why their prospective clients won’t pay them (Duh)

Effin’ Stop that!

4) What did your parents tell you not to do?

What were they always trying to corral you in about?

Let’s face it most of our parents were uncomfortable with our freedom and self expression. They were the first teachers of what is acceptable behavior and what isn’t. And most likely, they were trying to avoid embarrassment or disapproval too.

You should see some of the looks my clients give me when they are asked to write about this question.

It really touches people.

When I am speaking…Wow. They don’t say anything but I can see it in their energy and expressions.

When you let yourself write freely about these 4 questions you will be looking at the cornerstone to your Rebel Brand.

If you would like some help building your personal brand join me in my ground breaking master class Rock Your Rebel Style.

Or contact me at ann@annbennettmarketing.com or call 949-287-6410.


Liberate Your Rebel Spirit!

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