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Where and How to Brand Yourself

Where and How to Brand Yourself

Does this question want to make you scream, or get you excited?

To start, you have to know and understand your Ideal Client and that means really knowing yourself.  This is why I spend most of my time with my clients exploring who do you want to be a hero to and what is the transformation you cause? You can get a kick start with this on my website by downloading the free training videos Market like Madonna.

For many of us, our ideal clients will change over time as our business develops and we get to know ourselves deeper and come into alignment with our true voice. That’s why personal branding is so important.

You are dynamic & your business is dynamic

As we are living in the most fast paced technological age, so many of the ways we communicate are constantly changing. It seems like every 6 months there are new devices and channels to connect and share our messages. Like the new iPhone 6 is out and I want one!

What doesn’t change is the way people learn or consume information. There are seven learning types and the challenge for Branding Yourself is to include a little bit for all the the styles Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” ― Albert Einstein

Here are 4 tips to How and Where to brand Yourself:

1. Know and understand your Ideal Clients and how they consume content on various platforms
Ask yourself which are the devices they are looking at most of the time? Most of us are going mobile, watching videos (not reading) and searching Yelp for recommendations of where to eat. Or maybe that’s just me, Gen X, Y and Millenniums? What do the rest of you do?

2. Deliver your marketing messages in formats optimized for each platform
The most effective way to market is to use different platforms. Mobile ads should be brief, personal and interactive whereas desktop ads can be longer and more immersive. My suggestion in today’s over the top world, go simple and easy to navigate and understand on whichever platform.

Keep it Simple, Sweetheart

3. Caution: Using multiple platforms can cause brain orgasms
You have to be consistent with your brand and message. Consistent reinforcement of messaging, design and all aspects of your brand is the most important thing to think about when you are using different platforms. Building Brand awareness and inspiring your prospective clients to take action with you is built on Trust and trust is build on consistency.

4. You have gotta track it and measure it (to see what is working for you)
In a culture of collaboration and integration, it is essential that you understand how your clients learn and consume information. Sometimes this may surprise you. I remember when Facebook became dominated by “Seniors”. What the freak!

Lot’s of my clients say, “Ann, I don’t market I get all my clients from referral.” Which prompts me to respond “That’s great. You are making so much money and having so much time off you don’t need any more clients or money, right? All you need to do is sit by the pool and consume those juicy drinks with the colored umbrellas in them and be teased by the Hula-Girls and the Hula-Boys and then toddle off to bed and pass out!”

But for the rest of us bumpkins, as the infamous Ru Paul said…

“You’d Better Work”

So get on this pronto! It’s really not that hard. If you get stuck I am here to help.


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