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What is Keeping You from What You Want in Business?

What is Keeping You from What You Want in Business

One thing you can count on in business is that you will have ups and downs, sometimes flying and sometimes dragging on the ground. Through business highs and business lows, keep moving yourself back to center. When you go upside down, right yourself.

But how can you even out the big fluctuations? It’s proven that with your marketing systems in place, you will have a consistent flow of ideal clients. The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make is to stop marketing when things are good or think that they don’t have to marketing because their referral base is so strong. They have a full client list, selling their services or products wildly, and they just stop their marketing.

Rule #1: If you have your own business you will always be marketing. It’s forever. In fact, 80% of your time will be spent in marketing until you can hire a team to do some of it for you.

 Audacious Tip: Unleash your True Essence and align your marketing with your heart. When you do that, you can have fun, be yourself and bring your passion.

 What is stopping You? What is really in your way?  There are 5 things to consider to really examine inside yourself. Get an awareness of what you are really doing. Once you have awareness, then you can go correct and adjust your course.

 Audacious Tip: Correct and continue without judgment.

Ok so here are the first 3 assignments to bring you into alignment and integration. Let’s get some of those things you’ve been hiding, into the light!

1. Thoughts —What are the limiting beliefs or thoughts I tell myself on the regular basis? One of mine is “this works for everybody else but not for me” (I know none of you ever feel like this, wink, wink) How can I think of this in a positive way, adjust the thought or reframe? At first I thought I can say to myself, “everything works for me.” But the truth is, everything doesn’t work for me. Some things do and some things don’t. What I can say is, “ I am only focusing on what works for me.” That lands as real for me. It’s solid. I can lean into that statement.

Write a couple of your own negative thoughts and reframe them. Write it out or put it on a sticky and keep it handy to support yourself and put yourself back on track when that nasty belief or thought come up. (And it will come up.) You can also use a passive tool like subliminal tapes to retain your sub-conscious mind.

gavel2. Judgments—Who or what am I judging? You can’t create stuff when you are in judgment. You must stop comparing yourself to others. Compare and Despair. When you judge yourself you will simply hold yourself back. So stop it. Stop doing it! It’s your Ego just trying to keep you safe. Most if the time when we judge others there is a part of ourselves we are judging. I am inviting you to look and see. How I judge others, is how I judge myself.

 Make a list of your judgments about other people. Get curious and find out how it relates to you? Then go about accepting and forgiving yourself. The cure is to Love Yourself more.

fears3. FearsWhat am I afraid of? Fears and Emotional Needs overlap. Ask yourself what emotional need is not being met? How can I meet my emotional need in a healthy way? Fears are like JUNK FOOD, it’s everywhere and easy to grab, makes you feel good in the moment, and is best served as a distraction to keep you from what you want. Most of us use our fears to stop us or take us off track.

Create one or two supports (good food) that you can grab when you have that negative craving. One of the things I do is call my action buddy and let her love on me for a couple of minutes. Or I re-read my client’s testimonials or letters I get from clients that are singing my praises. We all need support sometimes. What can you do to support yourself when the fears flood in?

Whew. That’s some deep stuff! Now, go on and do your homework—examine your thoughts, judgments and fears. Next week, we’ll dive back in with a couple more exercises!

Please share any of your insights and actions you are committed to taking on my blog. Or email me if you would like support.  Put “support: in the subject line.

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