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What Every Successful Girl Knows

What Every Successful Girl Knows

Are you a Disco Ball or a Laser Beam?

Madonna is my inspiration for Marketing. She is known as the Queen of Reinventing Herself. She’s Bold, Memorable and has a Brilliant Strategy behind her. “She’s a self proclaimed FREEDOM FIGHTER. She is a Laser Beam. OMG (one major goal) not a Disco Ball out there twirling all over the place.

Madonna is a B-Girl (brilliant business, bitch) and as all B-Girls know they must have in their purse is “The B-Girl Success Kit” What is that? All Successful Business Women have complete Clarity about where they are and where they want to go in their business and personal life. As women they go hand and hand. Love and Money. We know that Drama in our lives will wreak havoc in our businesses. Hey, shit happens. So you need to be able to roll with the punches, make quick decisions (correct and continue) and not be attached. That’s not so easy for us, girls either. However if you have a clear plan of what you are creating for yourself and your business it get a whole lot simpler and your can have more flow an a lot less frazzle. Ok, let’s get to showing you how, right. Since we all have ADD.

Well, I am going to show you by asking you these 5 Questions. Think about them and answer truthfully. You have to get brutally honest with yourself and stop smoking your own dope.

#1: Are you perfectly clear about the amount of money you want to make this year (or for 2013)? Do you have a Plan to Get There?

#2: Are you implementing the right things in the right order? Is it working? If you are not sure what to do the steps are in my Irresistible Marketing & Mindset Training. (link to website).

#3: Do you know exactly who you Inspire and Why you are the best leader for that Tribe? You are the Queen Bee of that Hive, Baby! You’re the Lead Singer of that Rock’n Roll Band and Here’s why…Write down who you inspire and 5 reasons why they are your Raving Fans. We spend most of our time together working on this it is sooooo important. I teach you how to go into a room of 100 people and be able to spot your ideal clients (amongst 100 there are usually 5). When I get with a B-Girl I have her open her purse and I can tell her exactly what’s in it! Their mouth drops open every time and they say, “How did you know that?”

#4: Can you clearly communicate in their language so they get you and more importantly they know that you get them? You know and can simply say what they are up against, what their biggest concerns are and how you are their Hero. Why? Because you have been there too. And now you are out of the woods, head above water and you can show them how to get there!  That’s Irresistible Marketing!!

#5: Do you have a 60-Day, 90 Day and 1-Year Plan for Marketing? When I first started my business, I couldn’t imagine a one-year plan. Now I know it’s a must. You have got to plan everything and keep tweaking with the changes. That goes for your personal and family life too. Nothing falls through the cracks. You plan for that! This is where the Strategies and Systems save the day.

Your assignment is to see what you have not planned for and create at least a 30-day/60 day plan. If you need help, get it. I have an amazing VIP Fire Starter Day where we sit down and do it all together. You get Clarity, Confidence and a solid foundation for your marketing for the year. Get your B-Girl Success Kit!




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