Rebel Fire VIP Session

In Person or Virtual Session (Google Hangouts). Day Long Intensive: 10:00‑4:00 pm PST

1. Create your Prosperity Plan (Vision‑how much do you want to make?)
2. Create your Marketing Strategy (Your fastest path to cash & long term strategy)
3. Create a weekly action plan (What are you willing to do?)
4. Personal Branding Style (Your Unique Voice): Create your Movement,
Manifesto / Pov & Personal Philosophy
5. Create Authentic Marketing Messages: Tagline, Head Whippin’ Hooks, Sound Byte,
Personal Story, Kick-Ass Op-In, Client getting questions

Reality Check: This is an Intensive. We will cover each item and create them quickly. This is a creative process so please clear your schedule of interruptions and your mind of yeah butts. There are to be no interruptions in the process (though we may take small breaks from time to time). In order to best serve you, you will be given the action sheets ahead of time (that must be completed and sent in before your session) That way we can focus on clarity of message and getting it done.

This is for you if: You are YES, bring it on! You prefer to get it all at once. For you time is wasting and you need this Mastermind Session now!

Note: ½ Investment can be applied to the Revolutionary Iconic Branding Program. See Renegade Branding Messaging & Program for details. Want to know more? I will walk you through it.