What is keeping you from what you want: Part 2

What is keeping you from what you want: Part 2

We are living in a Hi-tech Low touch society. We are networking online and actually think we have all those friends on Facebook, really?

The truth is, we are starved for attention, connection and human touch. I am just like you, I sit at home and work at home and am home alone each and every day.

This is no way to build your business. You actually must get out there and meet people. Some of them you will like and others you won’t however the business and personal connections are priceless. You are missing opportunities to give your genius to other people and have them pour themselves back into you.

Once you make a strong connection it’s easy to ask for what you might need or are looking for. And be sure offer them something YOU have that is incredibly invaluable to THEM.

So get on out there and connect! Choose at least one event a month to show up at. Get yourself out in front of people that can afford to buy what your services. Lots of you are networking at cheap events or free events. The people you want to network with and can afford your expertise are at events that cost more money. If you are at a 10K event you will connect with 10K clients. If you are at a 15 dollar event you will get the 15 dollar clients. Which do you want to play with? You must hang out with people that are investing in themselves and their business (just say’n).

What is keeping you from what you want?  Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I started talking to you about this.  As promised, here is the second part of assignments that will to bring you into alignment and integration.  Let’s get some of those things you’re continuing to hide into the light!

1. Inconsistencies— What in my life doesn’t represent what I want to create? Look

around at your office. Is it organized in a way that makes you feel good? Do you have

systems in place that support you and are you taking the time to learn how to use them?

Is it time to buy new underwear? Or throw things out that are broken?

Pick out 3 things this month that you can clean up or get back on track. Break them down into 15 mins. A day if you have to…make sure you chunk it down so it can be easy and you can win. You can do anything for 15 minutes a day.

2. Absence— What do I know I should be doing but have not set down to do yet?

Make a quick list of everything that comes to mind. Everything you have been tolerating.

You can categorize them into areas of your life: finances, home, relationships etc.

To move yourself forward make a commitment to yourself and one other person to change 3 concrete things each month.


Please share any of your insights and actions you are committed to taking and email me if you would like support. Ann@Annbennettmarketing.com put in the subject line “Support”


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