The Weather Inside Your Head

The Weather Inside Your Head

I believe if there is a struggle (a storm) on the Outside, there is a Struggle (a storm) on the Inside. I believe that I co-create everything I have in my life and business with the Divine Source Energy, God, a Higher Power. It’s what is going on, on the inside, reflecting on the outside. Lately, I have been in a struggle to stay focused and organized in my business and out of self-doubt and criticism…I am experiencing a hurricane in my Head.

It’s causing massive chaos and disruption. I am in a chaotic vibration.

I used to think that mindset was important. At least 50% of it – of all my results came from The Weather in My Head. I now know it is closer to 98% of all of my results. It’s not what happens to you…it’s how you handle it that makes all the difference in Your World.

It’s what I think that affects my emotions that inter-dictate my actions. Shoot. It is so obvious to me.

Actions & Habits = Outcomes & Results

You see, if you find yourself in this place, like I did…it’s your conscious thoughts vs. your sub-conscious beliefs. There is what you say you want – which is your conscious thoughts like “I want a successful business”, “I want to be a millionaire”, “I want a great love relationship”, etc. And then there is what you really believe inside, your subconscious beliefs. “I am not good enough”, “I don’t know enough”, “It happens for other people, but not for me”. “I am too old”, “I am too young”…all that Weather in Your Head.

“No matter what you consciously say… your sub-conscious is ruling the day.” Ann Bennett

It doesn’t matter where you are in your business, if you are in the Start up, Ramp up or leveling up stage, as you grow and change you will be slamm’in up against the sub-conscious, that self-sabotaging mechanism.

There is a saying: When you Up-Level, you get a Bigger Devil.

The only way to quell the storm is to have the conscious and sub-conscious match, and be congruent.

You are probably saying, OK Ann, what’s the trick? How do I handle what ‘s happening? How do I deal with it?

First off, never go into the storm (aka, your head) alone. Always take a Trusted Advisor, a Guide. Today I went into the Weather in my head with my trusted advisor. She can SEE ME and She has PERSPECTIVE.

Here are four things you can do right now to stop the Hurricane in your Head.

1. Stop Fighting yourself and BREATHE. Stop and breathe. It is proven when we get mad, or as my mentor says, “Go to Crazy Town”, we stop breathing. Really. So take 3 deep breaths, get present and slow down.

2. Ask yourself these questions: “Can you love that part of yourself? — The part that is Struggling? Are you willing to love that part of yourself? Can you forgive yourself? Are you willing to forgive yourself?

3. Can you Let it Go? That moment is gone. There is nothing to fear in the present. All is well in your world. Chillax and know “this too shall pass”.

4. If you were to Honor that part of yourself — the part of yourself that is Struggling…Can you see what you are getting out if it? (Without judgment) As if you were a Benevolent Guide looking down on the situation. What are you getting out of that? What is the payoff you are getting? And if you saw the situation as something positive what would that be?

Building a business and being an entrepreneur has got to be one of the most challenging things a person can do. You are driven by wanting to make a bigger difference in peoples live and the world.

Now is the time to really get who You are. You are powerful and magnificent and you are here in the world for a Big Reason. To live that reason, you are going to need to Master the Madness.

Continue Breathing and Honoring Yourself. We are all on this road together. What are you Struggling with? How do you talk to yourself? Is that forwarding your Dreams and Vision for your Business and your Life? What is the payoff of being like that?

What is the Weather in your head?

Please leave me your comment below and tell me what is the weather in your head? What are your current mindset challenges? How is it really going for you in your business? And I will respond with ways to support and help you weather the storm. Peace Out


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