The Power of Intention–Using the Number ONE

The Power of Intention–Using the Number ONE

My biz partner and associate Liz Pratt, is brilliant and we talk everyday. She’s my action buddy and we are constantly cheering each other on to reach our goals and build our businesses. Liz called this week and said, “The baby is due next month (she’s way…. pregnant) and I have set a goal to make $1,000.00 a week. I don’t know how I am going to do that but that is my intention.” Wow, I just took a deep breath and said, “How are you going to do that?!!” Really thinking,”How am I going to do that?” Liz and her husband Eric started brainstorming over the weekend about all the products she could make, sell and promote on Craigs List. Holy Smokes!! OMG; get it?! (One Major Goal) The power of ONE!!! Liz shared that she was going to create a product using the POWER OF ONE. One Problem, One Solution, One Hour. Yes, That’s right just ONE…YOU make the product in One Hour.

It’s the people that focus on One thing, Have One good idea and develop One thing that make the most money. The ones that are able to Simplify Complexity.

How many people does it take to make a difference? ONE.

The Key to Success is to Focus on ONE Goal. The number One mistake of entrepreneurs, especially creative types, is to go in all sorts of directions with a Ginormous list of goals, and get nothing done lots of “this and that’ – multi- tasking business with minimal results. I have a sign on my computer that reads “100 half- completed projects don’t make money but finished product generate cash NOW!” Concentrate on One Goal, One Intention and BE fiercely focused. Once you can do this, you will see major results.

Chunk it Down into bite-size pieces. You have a Gargantuan Goal. Perhaps it’s replacing your current job with your own business? Building your business to six-figures, or taking your business to a Million $$? On the personal side, it could be finding your soul mate, getting married or for some of us, it’s simply getting a date! Break your goal down into achievable pieces and put it into a do-able time frame. Start with what needs to get accomplished this month and within the next 30 days, break it into this week and then 3-things for TODAY. Start doing the 3-things daily to move you forward everyday towards your goal. Consistent, little by little, everyday actions will add up to massive action and bring incredible results. (I also offer a free strategy session to help you break this down and figure out action steps to reach your goals).

Create Success Systems. These don’t have to be complicated and can be simple checklists or tracking sheets to keep you on task and give you Clarity. SYSTEM = SAVE YOURSELF – Time, Energy + Money. You Must, Must, Must have a system for Everything. Without Systems that work you are going to be frustrated! Start with something you can do simply – for example: Some people like to have everything in a digital format while others like myself love to write things down. One of my favorite structures is a laminated yearly wall calendar I bought at Staples. I use tiny sticky notes to mark and plan out my activities for the coming year. I can easily add things and move them around if they change. It’s so cool, I love it! Once you set up repetitive systems that work for you and get results, you have freedom to delegate tasks to someone else and free up your time to be in your Zone of Genius.

Be Consistent and Stay Focused. Make a Plan. Make a List. Make Yourself a System.

The Key to Focus: Turn off the Phone, Shut off Email, Make Deadlines and set Rewards for yourself to celebrate! No kidding, give yourself a treat and CELEBRATE your accomplishments!

You are worth it and the Results will reinforce This!

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  • Askauntmelissa says:

    So what did Liz make and sell? I’m looking for a product to sell…my husband is a natural salesman, while I thrive on the business end.  We’d love our own business, but don’t really know how to find something we can sell.

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