The 8 Types of Images that Deeply Affect the Psychology and Impact of Your Content

The 8 Types of Images that Deeply Affect the Psychology and Impact of Your Content

The first things to understand words are only 7% of communication. 93% is non-verbal that means IMAGES. In the virtual space the verbal goes up a bit but is still a smaller percentage of the impact. This is a fact and actually has to do with your brain. The brain sees in pictures and that’s how you can easily access your memory. In fact 90 % of the information our brain gets is visual and we process that information 60,000 times faster than text. When your visuals complement and support your message 40% of your viewers will respond better to your visual information over your text.

Communication is 93% non-verbal, even in the virtual online space

So don’t underestimate the power of your visuals to communicate your brand clearly or completely trash your image. Images are deeply psychological and go way beyond just there to “look nice”.

When images a used correctly they can:

  • Elicit real emotions in your readers
  • Set a scene in your blog post for the message you’re trying to deliver.

Here are the 8 types of photos that make a deep psychological impact:

1: Stock Photos ‘Ok don’t get your panties all twisted up in a knot here, read on. My favorite is istock photo ( or dreamstime ( However Royalty Free Photos and even better! Go to my article about where to find the best kickass photos online for free.

Audacious Tip: See more at: “The Best Places to Find Free Images and Kickass Photos Online

Or you can pay if you like. That’s a strategic business decision you will have to make for yourself (wink, wink).

2: Screen Shots— Sure you can tell your peeps about an epic email you got or you can show them. But if you just talked about it, it would be as powerful as seeing it. This is a screenshot of an actual letter “epic Letter” I received from a client.

Audacious Tip: You can get your screen shots with

3: Charts and Graphs – are the best way to deliver stats easily and so someone can adsorb them right on the spot. If you want your statistics, reports and complicated data to be remembered the best way is infographics. We remember images so much more than we remember words. That’s why the best words for copy writing are emotional, exaggerated and memorable.

Audacious Tip: One of the best places to easily create charts and graphs is Spreadsheets in Google Drive

4: Personal Photos – When you are sharing an idea or concept and you have a personal photo you took on your smart phone that is golden. Personal photos and experiences connect with your people and you take them along in your experience. It makes them FEEL like they are there with you.

Audacious Tip: Don’t’ get hung up on the quality or taking the perfect photo that defeats the idea completely. It’s more about letting us in on the experience.

5: Still Frames from Your Favorite TV Shows or Movies—We are all about pop culture. These images are blazed into our skull candy. They latch on to emotions and connections your peeps already have installed in their psyche. My favorite TV shows like Orange is the New Black or Scandal can have a major impact on my reader’s emotions. What show or movies do you watch that would impact your peeps deeply?

Audacious Tip: You can get a lot of these images from Google Image Search (just make sure they are not owned by Getty) or grab your own off the tellie with your smart phone (wink, wink).

6: Infographics — Breakdown big research and gigantic amount of data and make it digestible. What’s cool is you can find someone else’s info graphic that you like and embed it into your blog or you can make your own. Again a business strategy decision for you, either way is great.

Audacious Tip: Make you own info graphics at ( or if you want to pay to have someone create it try

The Battlespace of Online Piracy

7: Custom Art— You can’t find it get it made. So you are blogging about a concept or an idea and can’t see the find just the right image, wa-wa-wat –r-ya gonna do? There are lots of custom graphics and art resources online.

Audacious Tip: One of my favorites is fiverr trial and error there, but really cheap. You can also go to odesk or elance and hire an professional illustrator, time is money ok.

8: Cartoons (humor) — Laughter is the single most powerful emotion because it opens the heart, expresses an idea and then the heart closes around it: Impact joy connection and memory (F*#k Power Points). *Every site is different in their licensing and distribution so read up and respect the artists and their work.

Audacious Tip: You can get super coolio cartoons at Universal Uclick (licenses a bunch of popular strips), Marketoonist (super great custom), or Gapingvoid (a fav-rave)

OK that is the whole image enchilada. The research is clear that images are the over the top effective way to make you blog posts stand out, be more engaging, memorable and valuable to your readers.

So, Brilliantly Brand On!


  • careersherpa says:

    May I add some of my personal favorites? Canva is so quick and easy and has many templates and sizes! makes it easier to create custom info graphics, and there are many others too! Pixabay has a vast collect of royalty free, attribution free photos and images. Hope some of these help

  • Gigi says:

    Ann, how important is it to have consistency in the personal photo you put on a website, blog post, guest post, newsletter, speaker sheet, etc? Is it better to use the same headshot / photo across all platforms, or can they vary? Thanks so much! Gigi

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