The 4 Pillars of Stellar Video Marketing

The 4 Pillars of Stellar Video Marketing

Your Brilliant Brand is the rocket fuel to a sizzling successful business. Get this right and it all starts to align authentically, your clarity, your confidence and your cash flow. It becomes so much easier to get clients and with a Brilliant Brand it actually make 98% of your marketing decisions for you. Yes! Think about Madonna and her brand. You probably will never see her do Madonna Unplugged Acoustic Set, because her brand is audacious, ballsy, brash and outrageous not quiet and soulful.

Your Brilliant Brand is the rocket fuel
for a Sizzling Successful Business

Once you can articulate your Brilliant Brand Manifesto, Point of View and be crystal clear about your Voice, you can begin to share yourself with the world.

Go Video! Video marketing is one of the most powerful online marketing tools out there, because it’s the closest thing to being with you live, in your energy signature and connecting to you and your brand.

With Video You Get:

  • You make a bigger impact
  • Have a greater influence
  • Attract your ideal clients like crazy
  • And make more money – WooWoo!

Not to mention, your chances of getting listed on page one of Google search increases by 53 times when you use video correctly. Get Seen!

The Caveat: When used correctly. Be careful, video can boost or bust the Know, Like and Trust factor, which is the golden ticket in business online and off.

Audacious Tip: Don’t try this at home until you are crystal clear about your Brilliant Brand and you know what you stand for and your unique differentiating factor: i.e. what makes you uniquely YOU. That makes your attractor factor hypnotic.

To be effective with video ask yourself these simple questions:

  1. How does video fit into my marketing strategy and when?
  2. What am I looking to accomplish with using video?
  3. Who will be viewing my videos and why?
  4. What do I want the view to do after they watch it?

Strategy is a Beautiful Thing

Think strategy first. You also need to decide if this is the right thing for you to do right now. Order of importance is KEY. Again, do your branding first and get that solid before you venture into the world of video.

If video is the next step for you, here is the 4 Pillar Formula for a sold gold structure for your video:

1. Purpose (& Strategy). What are you using this video for?
You can use it to become more visible and create awareness which in turn will build raving fans.

  •  You can use it to generate leads, launch products and programs, grow your list, drive traffic to your website and convert and sell.

The list goes on and on but the most important thing is to know your purpose up front. That will determine your message and what kind of videos to shoot.

2. Premise (Message). Determine your message and create a script or story that will move your viewer into action.

  • You want to lead them into taking action, not just being entertained and watching.
  • Be clear, concise and direct because all have ADD (the attention span of gold fish 7 seconds). The vast majority of YouTube videos are under 3 min. unless they are teaching something that takes a little longer. If yours need to be longer, think about breaking it down into 3 videos.

3. Platform. These days video has evolved to many styles and approaches. We have far surpassed the talking heads of yesteryear. It is generally agreed that there are 2 types of video, on camera and off camera.

On Camera, hell yeah you have to be seen. These are best for more engagement and connection with your fans or when you are promoting a more personal service that way you are creating trust and credibility. This is for the Rock Stars who are building a big brand around their personality.

Off Camera videos don’t require you to be seen which is good for the super shy types, so you are just talking and showing visuals. Great for video webinar, teaching or training videos. This is for the professor types that like to share a ton of information and knowledge.

Here are a couple ways you can shoot your videos.

  • Interview style where you are both on camera or you are being interviewed by someone off camera (nice for an “about” page).
  • Video Tips Series for your blog instead of just writing all the time or a live teaching webcast.

4. Promotion. How and where are you going to share your videos online? How the heck are you going to market it? There are a lot of places you can post your cool vids. The first thing to ask yourself is where do my ideal peeps hang out and share the videos there.

  • If you choose to put it up on YouTube (which I highly recommend) you can setup one-click sharing to Facebook, Google+ (although a little bird told me that is going away soon) Twitter, LinkedIn and a whole bunch more.
  • You can embed the code on your website or blog too. Other sites to consider putting your vids on Pinterest, Instagram, Slideshare, Viddler or Vimeo. The more you put it out there the better the chance of viewers and creating raving fans.

Like all your other marketing, being consistent with your videos will get you the most impact. Currently, I have a client who posts one video a month and gets 4,000 new people to his site. That is building his visibility, his list and getting him clients too.

Audacious Tip: Plan all your videos to reflect your highest viewed blogs and content. Shoot as many of them in one day or one week as you can. It takes planning but that is the name of the game. If you are going to spend time and money to plan them, shoot them, edit them and post. That will bring the most impact for you and get the results you want.

Create an “Expert Tip” Series. The best names are How to… (Do something) make them short 2 minute pieces. Record them all at the same time then post one every week or every 2 weeks.

If you are Blogging (You are blogging right!) add a videoblog post every couple of weeks or once a month. Spice things up and get your readers more engaged.

Get Face to Face with your clients and prospective clients. Get personal and send out video greetings when you are going to sponsor an event, speak or even send a thank you to your clients. There are video email services like MailVu, Vsnap and Eyejot that make a point-and-click easy to record your video.

Make it an Event. You can promote a webinar or launch a new product and have people leave comments and engage with you. When it looks like a special event, it’s bold and breaks through the online clutter making sure you Stand Out and Get Noticed.

Go Live -Think Different. You can do a live webcast, coaching session or offer a Q & A video session on free platforms like Livestream, Google Hangout or It’s awesome and dynamic and highly interactive.

There are a lot of options and ways to use video but however you decide to use your vids it will skyrocket your brand recognition and accelerate your results.


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