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The 4 Cornerstones of True Success

The 4 Cornerstones of True Success

Take the time to reflect. Growing a business is dynamic and you’re dynamic too. Success takes time and is constantly evolving…but your core foundation in your life and business will stay the same. So put it all into perspective. Marketing and growing your business takes time and has seasons. Here are some of my favorite Success Principles that are so present this time of year.


At the end of each day, write a gratitude list, just five things that you did for yourself or businesses that you are thankful for. Keep this daily list in a gratitude journal. In business, it is too easy to focus on what we did not accomplish and become frustrated and discouraged. Keep in mind the 80/20 Rule. You will fail 80% of the time so only focus on the 20% that is successful (sweet). Your journal will help you to keep the focus on the positive even if they are just baby steps. By acknowledging yourself, over time, you will see that those baby steps got you your massive results.

Give Thanks


Give thanks every day for everything, especially those things we take for granted. Remember to thank your computer for working well, your car and your refrigerator…yes electronics like to be appreciated too! When all our gadgets work properly, we are able to focus on work and move forward with our business. And when they don’t, it can be pure Hell, so Love them up!!

Give thanks for your health. This doesn’t mean you have to be perfectly healthy. Maybe you have been sick, have an injury, something that slows you down or is just a big pain in the butt. Bless your stress, it means you are alive! Be thankful you have the will and ability to fight through it all and prevail. Keep singing, “I will survive” by Gloria Gainer. “First I was afraid I was prettified…


Welcome change in your world. Change comes in many forms; it can be new friends, co-workers, a business model, a new look, and a new style. Be bold. Be adventurous and allow others to give to you, and receive. Welcome new ideas and realize everyone has something to offer.  Listen for it. See value in not knowing, be curious and listen with an open heart. I have found even the janitor is a genius.



Give Forward


Be the first one to give, people will love your for it (Especially out networking). In your personal life and business life is the “Go Giver. It is very fulfilling and satisfying to give back and help others. In a way, giving back to make yourself feel better seems selfish doesn’t it? It is not only selfish; it is Great to BE SELFISH. After all, if you’re not feeling good and giving out your gifts to others, why are you in business? Sure – making money is the #1 reason to be sure, however it’s not about the money. It’s all about being of SERVICE and Making a Difference.

Even if your business is just starting out, you have more to give than you think. You can share your experience of being scared of the unknown, of your mistakes or your successes; it doesn’t matter what you share. What matters is that you care and you connect and you are giving forward your knowledge. Remember, “To every 3rd Grader, a 4th Grader is GOD” — Carry Wilkerson. Your are so much greater than you think you are, so Celebrate yourself and all that you have accomplished this year.

Peace Out.

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