The 10 Pillars of Success to get to 100 K the easy way!

The longer I am out here building my business the more I can see what really makes it so much easier than the long hard struggle. Really, when I used to hear my mentors say “Making Money is the easy part” I just couldn’t wrap my brain abound that…until now.

I have failed a lot in my business…80% of what I do is wrong and 20% is right and still manged to build a 6-figure business. My clients struggle with this all the time. They think they have to do it PERFECTLY to be successful, get the clients they want and make the money they want. But nothing could be farther from the Truth. It has become apparent that 93% of success is Mindset and the rest is strategy and tactics. And by mindset I mean managing your emotions and keeping yourself centered and focused.

93% of Success is Mindset — Believe it!

So to help you and support you to your success here’s what makes the journey to 100 K an exciting adventure instead of a grinding drag.

#1. Purpose

You need to get crystal clear about your Big Why: Your altruistic why and your personal why. And then put a lot of passion and enthusiasm behind it. Passion is a big spark that gets you started but your purpose is permanent. Staying focused on it will keep you going during the hard times when you just want to give up. It’s bigger than you and pulls you forward into being.

Commitment = Faith before Knowing

#2. Clear Path

Follow a proven plan, blueprint or map so you know where you are going. Keep it really simple and stop doing so much stuff that takes you off course into the weeds. Trust a plan and make course corrections and be absolutely COMMITTED.

#3. Consistent Action

We all start strong but as we go along we get tired of waiting for it to happen. We what to leap forward and get way out in front of where we are in our personal and business development. Building takes time, transformation takes time what makes all the difference is consistent action over time. Focus on completion. Focus on completing things.

Done is Better than Perfect

The perfect time to build your business or make a phone call to a client or make money doesn’t exist. The perfect time is always NOW.

#4. Be a Vibrational Match to the Prosperity You Desire

Yes, it’s a little woo-woo and it’s true. It’s the law of attraction. It’s a spiritual law of the Universe. Like attracts like and money is a high vibe.

If you are feeling fear, grief, panic, jealousy, sadness, helplessness, worry despair, guilt, horror, doubt, nervousness, envy, confusion, hurt, anxiety, terror, doubt, embarrassment, disappointment you are in the basement, down the rabbit hole. And guess what? There is no prosperity down there. Don’t get me wrong, we all go down to the basement sometimes because we are human after all… but some of us look around, hang out and analyze why we are there instead of getting on the nearest elevator and getting the hell out of there, pronto!

The best way to raise your vibe to match the prosperity you desire is to FEEL GOOD. And when you feel good your heart is opens and you are in the flow, creative, inspired and in action. You literally become a magnet for success.

#5. Facing the Fear

Learn to make friends with your fear. It’s there for a reason and is trying to tell you something so don’t ignore or push it down because when you stop doing things and take a breather it will come back with a vengeance. It doesn’t go away when ignored it gets bigger.

Fear is the only thing that gets smaller as you get closer to it

When you are facing your biggest fears you are living your message. Fear is not an indication that you shouldn’t do something but an indication that you are on the right track. Of course unless you really are getting chased by a bear, for reals.

#6. Being Decisive

Make a decision yes or no, there is power in that. When you make a decision and make it right then everything starts lining up and supporting you. Your path becomes simple and you just put one foot in front of the other…Get all in. What’s a big decision you have been avoiding and how can you make it now?

#7. Community

It is crucial you get in and surround yourself with support and accountability. Be with people that care about you and love you enough to give you very honest feedback. You can’t do this on your own because you can’t see the picture when you are in the frame. Surround yourself with mentors and friendpreneurs who will help you see a clearer picture of yourself and your business. They will help you and guide you to keep it real.

#8. Hobby Energy vs. Career

Some of you are just playing around waiting for someday. Your business stays in Hobby mode instead of really taking off. Because when you are in a hobby your ass is not on the line. You stay small because you can’t fail. But when it’s your career you are living it and you can fail and mostly likely do fail all the time.

#9. Investing in Yourself

Lots of us look to see just how far we can get with the free stuff…Piecing it all together from all the free sources, webinars and videos out there. I know, I have done that one too. And I gotta tell you, when you invest in yourself you get really committed and motivated to implement and get results. Do the work! It doesn’t matter if it’s fast or slow. Get committed and invest in you. Just do it!

#10 Have a Mentor

Hire someone who has walked the path of proven success. Someone who gets you and that you get. Someone you can believe in that believes in you. They can be honest with you, support you, push you and keep you on track with a system that work. All of the progress I have made consistently is because of working with mentors. Find what works for you and stick with it. For me big groups are exciting and great to be a part of but I need personal attention and eyes on me that a coach or mentor can give. That’s when I really shine like a rock star.

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