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Before I started working with Ann, I was overwhelmed, so busy running around managing the minutiae of my business that I had no time to realize that I was defeating myself. Allowing myself to be drained of both time and money. She helped me crystallize not only what would make my business succeed, but more importantly, what would make my life succeed, by being my most authentic not being afraid to speak my truth and standing in my Brilliant Brand. This once reluctant messenger became the peaceful warrior ready to do my great work and have a big impact on…
Laura Oatman
Ann is a creative catalyst with an astute and stunning ability to laser beam herself into your company and extract the necessary kernels to come up with stellar marketing ideas. Her skill in developing the “head-whipping hook” is nothing less than impressive. I was privileged to participate in a marketing writing workshop with Ann, and her advice, tips, and observations left me with the objective insight I needed to develop some key marketing materials. Thanks, Ann!
Deb Goeschel
I’d stumbled over my “elevator introduction” and tagline for years, and was frustrated with how mundane it sounded. I had so much fun developing several taglines with Ann. Now, I have a zingy tagline, which will make people remember my business and get a feel for my personality. It gives me confidence to stand up in a crowd and state my tagline. And the big “aha moment for me” is that I can use it on my emails, my cards, my website, and many other places. Who’d have thought! Ann is a gem – OK, a wild, crazy gem, making…
Lori Silver
Attorney at Law, CPA, LLM (Taxation)
Ann’s marketing and coaching is filled with substance, insight and wonderful guidance…every step of the way. Her organized approach has assisted me in distilling down the core elements of my business and to use this information to continue building my marketing plan and attract new clients. I especially appreciate and value her willingness to go above and beyond to be of service. Ann is not only a brilliant and creative marketer, but a fun and inspiring coach dedicated to supporting the success of her clients.
Monica Lenches
Real Estate Consultant, Valley Properties |Santa Barbara, CA
Working with Ann was so enlightening and enlivening. I love what I do but I don’t understand that ‘Marketing Thang’. Going through the Irresistible Marketing System with Ann’s guidance I created an Elevator Speech and Tag line that had eluded me for 6 months. I now have the confidence and clarity of a step-by-step system for my marketing. And best of all, I got 2 new clients within weeks of working with her.
Nick Kirkland
Warm Stone Massage Therapist | Irvine, CA
My confidence and Clarity is over the top. None of this would be happening if it wasn’t for the guidance and coaching from Ann, it is simply remarkable.
Maya Shaw Gale
Life Design Coach |Santa Barbara, CA
Ann Bennett is a great diagnostician, who can help you to see the reality of your current business. If you are looking for a personal brand, Ann is one of the really good choices among the glutted “Life Coach” field to help you negotiate that process.
Jane Galloway