Stupid Branding Mistakes

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Stupid Branding Mistakes

#1 Not Understanding the Power of a Brand or Personal Branding. The first mistake is that most people don’t understand the power of branding or a good brand. They think that branding is a logo, or colors, tagline fonts etc. but it’s not. It’s actually the perception of you and your business.

“A brand is not what you say it is…It’s what they say it is.”— Marty Neumeier

A brand is a person’s GUT feeling about You, your product, service or your company. It’s a feeling because we are all emotional, intuitive beings despite our need to control and be rational. Think about it, our emotional brain is 12 x more powerful than the logical brains…
And of course a lot more fun.

Branding Tip: Close your eyes and think about your business. What comes to mind?

Write 3 power words that you or your business stand for.

Clue: Think about what you are like when you are “in the Zone” and brainstorm a list of words that express your essence. Once you have a list, choose the top 3.

Breathe Deeply, Laugh Loudly & Be Audacious

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  • Eve Gumpel says:


    Really good stuff! Your brand is the feeling people get when they think about your and your company. That’s while I look for as a copywriter: I drill down to each company’s essence, find out what makes them unique — and put it into words.

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