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Stupid Branding Mistakes

Stupid Branding Mistakes_3

#3 Over-complicating your brand. Including everything and the kitchen sink is what we do best but, to simplify the complicated is an art. As Human beings, and especially as women we like options, variety, and including everything – but nothing will kill your brand faster. The #1 rule in marketing, branding, and design (even life for that matter) is “Less is More”.

Keep it Simple Sweetheart

Think about it. If you get your messaging right a 6 year old should be able to understand what you do. The same goes for your Brand. Let’s look at Coca-Cola’s logo for example.

It’s been practically the same for 127 years. Seriously! It’s a classic script logo that first hit the seen in 1889 and has barely changed at all.


Original Coke Logo circa 1889


Coke Logo today

You all can take note from this Beverage Billionaire Brand by doing these simple things for your business brand.

  • Choose 2 or 3 colors for brand pallet (Coca-Cola is one color Red)
  • Choose 2 typefaces and 1 accent typeface for your branding
  • Use simple graphic elements to represent the different offerings or services you provide.

Clean and Simple will be recognizable and memorable and that is what you want. So keep it clean and remember that a confused mind doesn’t buy.


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