It’s smart to fit in but it’s brilliant to standout: Why Personality Branding?

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It’s smart to fit in but it’s brilliant to standout: Why Personality Branding?

When you are in an over-crowded marketplace, the likes of which we are experiencing on an unprecedented level, it’s hard to standout and get noticed. It’s easier to get lost in the sea of marketing noise and mass distractions of social media, Facebook friends, videos, texting pings of notification on your phone not to mention all the tasks of life and living. There just isn’t enough time for everything; it’s all so distracting and too much.

97% of us are overly stressed and experiencing ADHD symptoms of epic proportions. We have lack of clarity and focus that impedes our decision-making and amps up our overwhelm and frustration levels. All of a sudden, we find ourselves impulsively acting, buying or simply swirling around in an emotional vortex of procrastination unable to focus on what really matters to us.

So how do people choose to what to pay attention?

“You must be Different and you must be Fascinating”

We like to think we are all 100% different and unique. However, the truth is, we are more 99% alike and 1% different. Tiny details, quirks and isms of your personality that seem trivial when recognized and magnified can make the extraordinary difference in Standing Out and Being Brilliant.

It’s what I call your Unique Genius. Most of the time we overlook it because it is so natural and easy for us. It’s part of you; it’s our personalities. Your point of view and your isms, quirks, and eccentricities are what really make you distinctive.

When you can Brand your DIFFERENCE, not your strengths, you will find yourself Standing Out getting the attention for your work that you deserve.


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