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Simple, Stress-Free Social Media Strategy to Consistently Grow Your Brand

Building your successful brand, if you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, author, coach, or speaker all comes down to one thing: Consistency.

OMG the creative’s Achilles Heel (oh ya baby), and you have to consistently put yourself out there to build a brand and your business online, for sure.

Your Brand Must be Consistent over all Your Communications

You are probably thinking, Crap with all the other stuff you have to do, do you really have to do social media? I can soooo relate. I have groaned about this ever since I starting building my business. “I hate social media!” There I said it. That is my dirty little secret. I am not a tech-geeky-girl so where the hell do I start?

Here are all the reasons I have given myself for staying off of social media

  1. I don’t have time for it.
  2. I have no idea where to start
  3. Learning yet another thing-are you freaking kidding me!
  4. Not sure what to post
  5. Just thinking about it stresses me out!
  6. I need to be productive not posting on Facebook, all day long
  7. Social media is a creativity suck
  8. WTF I just don’t have time

The Struggle is real, however what if there’s a simple, stress-free way to get traction build your brand and have fun too? I just spent 3 days with some very influential heart centered business leaders at the Evolutionary Business Council’s Global Influence Summit and they all have mastered at least one social media platform…So go for it. Let’s do this together and finally get over stressing-out about it and enjoy the road to social media influence and connection.

Ok let’s break it down.

At the Beginning of Each Month

Step 1: Print out a simple blank calendar for the month or one you can edit on your computer. I like to print it out on iCal and plan it out ‘cause I am Old School, baby.

Step 2: Determine a theme each Month that fits your business. So for me it looks like this January: Personal Branding, February: Personal Branding & Networking Tips, March: Personal Branding on Social Media. Get the idea?

Step 3: Start by brainstorming ideas to post about that month’s theme. Think about advice you have heard on podcasts, ideas in books you are reading, helpful tips you have read in blog posts. Collect these ideas and bookmark articles, jot down quotes, take snaps of magazine ads. Just start collecting ideas and images. They all become source material for you as you dive into your weekly posts.

Rebel Tip: Start with a quote you like and write from there. You can even make it a visual (I like to use Cava.com or Wordswag mobile app) and post. Doing this in the afternoon when out getting a cup of coffee and posting on Facebook is really fun. You can post them on Instagram and other social platforms as well.

Let me just say this: Choose one social media platform at a time and master it. Consider where your ideal clients hang out. If they are not on Instagram don’t do it. For the more business /corporate minded LinkedIn is the best place to make connections and build relationships. So if it’s where your peeps are and what you like…Do it! And for my visually creative Pinterest is a great place to get cool ideas and connect.

At the Beginning of Each Week

Step 1: Look for articles from your personal hero’s and experts that you love that fit into your weekly theme.

Step 2: Schedule the articles you found by your favorite peeps. And of course your own blog posts announcements, services etc. A super easy way to do this is with Buffer. It’s a super easy user interface and minimal design so even this old school babe can use it.

Step 3: Engage! That is what social media is all about. Reach out to followers and see how they’re doing. Comment on other people’s posts, share and like other people’s Tweets and share other people’s stuff. It’s the easiest way to start conversations with other people and build relationships with someone in your community.

Rebel Tip: Figure out where your ideal client is hanging out, what they like, and what they’re struggling with. Then write every single post like you’re talking to your BFF. Like you are talking to that one special person.

Where to Post (at a glance)

Facebook—(my favorite) The most versatile of all the social media platforms you can post any kind of company related news and get your voice heard. The point is to create content that your people will engage with. If they like it and share it then you will show up on your follower’s feeds. Best to have some $ to boost your posts but this can be small and get good results.

Twitter—Is great for quick tips and updates, jokes and one liners. Twitter is great for any B2B or B2C business or blogger. P.S. better engagement when you add images.

Instagram—If you are in an industry that provides something visually appealing, then Instagram is for you: graphic design, food, clothes, home or garden design etc.

Pinterest—People think of this as the “Girly” platform with DIY/recipes and homemaking goodies. Hello! Wake the freak up there is a lot of business going on over there.

What kind of Post Where?


  • Helpful, relevant articles from business owners, thought leaders and cool bloggers
  • You own products, services and blog posts
  • Motivation quotes from friendpreneurs or mentors
  • Personal posts
  • Shout outs to cool people you have encountered
  • Questions you have to learn more about your community


  • Create and use boards within your niche
  • Re-pin stuff that you think rocks it and follow bloggers
  • Pin and re-pin images from your website


  • Motivational quotes
  • Your vision, dreams and beliefs
  • Behind the scenes (everybody love to see that)
  • Sneak previews and past peeks
  • You work space (people want to see your creative genius environment)
  • Stories about your journey that your fans can relate to

Rebel Tip: The captions are just as important as the photos.

Ok that’s enough for now to get you started. Did I say STRESS-FREE? So if you are feeling that it’s all too much…again just do one social platform at a time. Choose the one that your ideal clients are hanging out on and master that one. And seriously have FUN with it!

Rebel Tip: If social media is putting you on tilt and making you cray-cray hire a millennial to do it for you!


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