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Being Simple in Business is Profound & Fun

Being Simple in Business is Profound & Fun


 Yours Truly and Laura Rubinstein, Social Media Expert

I am taking the photo with my iPhone, so that’s why the deer in the headlights look.

Sometimes I wonder about myself. I mean why? Why does it seem like such a struggle, to build a business, get clients, make money and have a great relationship? I have pushed and tried and made it happen all my life. That New York headset dies hard. It’s been an up-hill struggle… A battle to get to the top. I have always gotten what I’ve wanted but it was blood, sweat and tears all the way.

I say that smiling. Today I am turning it over… letting it go. And I am inviting you to do the same.

It’s over. The struggle is over. How you say? Faith. Living in Inspired Action and Trust. Hey I am not perfect…it’s a practice. And for today, I am making peace with my life. Loving my clients and letting the clients that are not mine go. Just serving them and knowing they are not mine. I feel free from sales. Free from my own ambition of building something (aka million dollar business) and comparing myself to others around me and just being me with my genius gifts to give.

What judgments about yourself or your business can you let go of to truly enjoy your gifts and enjoy the journey?

Breathe Deeply Laugh Loudly & Be Audacious!
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