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Selling Easy – Ursula Mentjes via Ann Bennett

Selling Easy – Ursula Mentjes via Ann Bennett

Last week I spent 2 days in Ursula Mentjes “Sales Camp” learning how to increase my sales 50%. Wow what I mind blower! First I let go of my limiting belief that Sales it hard and I have to work hard and struggle to make money. WTF… I have been carrying that one around for a long time (All my life..Until now).  Ursula re-programed our beliefs (sweet). My new belief is “I am enough, money flows easily and effortlessly to me everyday!” (now that feels good). Then she taught us to make our own scripts for sales calls both for Warm Calls and Cold Calls, Brilliant.

Here is the structure for Warm Calling:                                                                                                      

  1. Tell them who you are, your title and the company you are with.
  2. Remind them  where you met or who referred you.
  3. In one sentence, include the problem you solve and a recent success story. (Give them a reason to listen).
  4. Explain the purpose for your call is to set an appointment.
  5. Give a choice of dates to meet (keep control of the sale. Offer times when YOU are available).
  6. Ask for their email address so you can confirm the appointment time.
  7. Close the appointment! (and get off the phone)

If you are meeting in person which Ursulas suggests ask them what their favorite coffee or tea drink is and say you will pick one up and have it waiting for them. That way they will show up to the appointment. Awesome. Now go try it for yourself and see how it works.

If you want to know more about Selling with Intention check out Ursula’s book by the same name on her website (link here) http://www.SalesCoachNow.com

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