Sales is Easy —WTF

Sales is Easy

Does it seem like nothing is going Right in your business?

That building a business is such hard work (Don’t get me wrong it does take work). And it is hard when you are not clear about your Message is or your Entrepreneurial Archetype. Your unclarity will cause you to struggle, not get the results you want or suck all the life and fun out of you and make you very, very, tired (Ugh).

It doesn’t have to be that way. The first place to look is at two basic Entrepreneurial Archetypes. The Star and The Sage. The Question to ask yourself is “Do I get more Energy from being with lots of people or transforming a few people deeply?” If you love to impact tons of people and get excited and get energy from large groups then you are most likely The Star. If you love a small intimate group of working primarily one on one deeply then you most likely are The Sage. It’s important to pick a business model that matches your Archetype and your purpose. The Star loves all eyes on them and loves to create programs to serve lots of people. The Sage loves to support and nurture (lots of coaches and healers in this group) and a lot of times is in a supporting role to someone whose Entrepreneurial Archetype is The Star.

Which Entrepreneurial Archetype are you?

Some of you might start out as The Sage and transition to The Star. We are dynamic beings. And one is not better than the other.

For me, many years I spent in Graphic Design and Art Direction I was The Sage. Now I am creating myself as The Star.


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