Resistance, Fear and Self-Doubt. Can this be Love?

No way, this can’t be happening again. I can’t seem to just sit my butt in a chair and focus.

My mind just rips off my concentration and starts hijacking my attention…

There are so many other things I should be doing (ugh).

Oh, I have been on the phone coaching for an hour (gotta go outside).

Check my emails and look at Facebook… What was I looking for?

Clean the kitchen.

Walk the dog…Wait I don’t even have a dog!

And then it dawns on me.

It can be tricky sometimes. It is very clever and comes in lots of disguises.

And it’s definitely got me…It is my resistance.

Writing. I am not really a writer, am I?

I look down on my computer screen and there taped to edge is a little note to self:

Great, I think. This is what I teach people — A flash of being ashamed (more resistance).

Today my clients have all been telling me “We’re so busy, We don’t don’t have any time to blog or write or market”…Laughing I think to myself, me too.

So out of sheer desperation I pick up a small but mighty book, The War of Art and randomly open to this page and read…

“Resistance is directly proportional to love. If you’re feeling massive Resistance, the good news is, it means there’s tremendous love there too. If you didn’t love the project that is terrifying you, you wouldn’t feel anything.

The opposite of love isn’t hate, its indifference.

The more resistance you experience, the more important your manifested art / project / enterprise is to you—and the more gratification you will feel when you finally do it.”

What do you do to move yourself forward and take some action when you’re distracted by your resistance?

So here’s the thing. This is a growth moment. And I know I am going to have many more as I develop and grow my business.

Just letting you in on my Resistance that momentarily has got my by the lady balls, crushing my ability to focus and write, is starting to make me laugh.

So, let me ask you, are you going to let your resistance stop you?

Or are you going to laugh and love it?

You are the one who is creating it. So what are you going to do with it?

Use It … Or It will use You.


Breathe Deeply, Laugh Loudly & Be Audacious

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