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Renegade Branding Tip – What Do People Count On From YOU?

Renegade Branding Tip – What Do People Count On From YOU?

Your Renegade Brand has its own unique Vibe. It’s You that people are actually paying for, not your service. It can be a shocker when you first really get this…but they pay for the privilege to be with you.

We are yearning for connection in a world that is technology rich in connecting us (so they say). And because of this we are speeding up, changing constantly and wanting instant results.

So being a badass I am gonna give it to You … so you don’t even have to figure it out or think about it (and it’s in simple and easy steps).

Step 1: Take out your smart phone or if you’re old school like me (‘cause I am a Rebel) a piece of paper and pencil.

Step 2: Make a list of all the things you deliver for your clients with your products and services. You have probably heard this as the features of your products or the methods and modalities of your services.

Step 3: OK got a list? Now delete it. Hell yeah, you can throw it out!

What they really WANT and DEEPLY DESIRE and will open their wallets and give you’re the cash for is the RESULTS you deliver (The more tangible the better).

So now make a list of the Results they get by working with you and the Transformation that is caused by your work. Then you lead with that, people will follow.

That’s it.

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