Rebel Branding
February 17, 2017

5 Steps to Build a Rebel (Rock Star) Brand

I just stood there. Looking out into a room full of people. Lights on me, cameras on me and microphone turned on. Taking a deep breath to center myself… Get…
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Entrepreneurial Mindset
February 10, 2017

Resistance, Fear and Self-Doubt. Can this be Love?

No way, this can’t be happening again. I can’t seem to just sit my butt in a chair and focus. My mind just rips off my concentration and starts hijacking…
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Entrepreneurial Mindset
January 20, 2017

Hot Women Rock!

Real, Raw and Relevant conversation with Pat Duckworth, Midlife Mojo expert.   I am opening my kimono to reveal everything… Real, Raw & Relevant. I love to be surprised and…
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Marketing StrategiesRebel Branding
January 6, 2017

No one wants to be Labeled or have a Terrible Tagline

Once upon a time she had the terrible tagline of “fish lips” by cruel bullies.   No one wants to be labeled… Or have a Terrible Tagline. As a kid…
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Entrepreneurial Mindset
December 30, 2016

Happy New YOU !

It’s that time to acknowledge, let go and set yourself up powerfully for more good.   So I have this Weird Yearly Tradition that  I do every New Year’s Eve.…
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Entrepreneurial Mindset
December 16, 2016

Hustle Sucks! (ugh) Try these ninja mind hacks to free yourself to the flow

I surrender. Send up the red smoke signal...It’s time to give up.   Hustle Sucks! I’m effing exhausted! I’ve spent my entire life fighting, striving and competitively pushing to be…
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Marketing Strategies
December 9, 2016

5 Tips to Write Conversationally to Engage and Delight Your Audience

Why do you like hangin’ and talking to your friends? That is what your copy should sound like. Like you are talking to your BFF.   How many times have…
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Rebel BrandingUncategorized
December 2, 2016

Well…this failed miserably

Your email subject lines need to Stand Out like the Empire State Building in the marketing landscape or you will just be forgotten.   I have written hundreds of blogs…
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