Rebel Messaging Program

Your Audacious Marketing Messages

Magnificent me is a 9 Week Group Coaching Program (Self Guided Class) with weekly videos and action sheets and a mastermind online forum for resources and group support. Plus 3-live Q&A calls to get your questions answered, get you unstuck and laser coaching on your business.

Here’s what you’ll get:


Week 1: Getting Fiercely Focused—WTF (where’s the focus)
•    Declutter everything—What are you putting out there?
•    Impeccable Self Care: Physical, Spiritual and Creative

Week 2: More Purpose of Clarity
•    Choose the right business Model for your lifestyle business
•    Schedule everything—Have a plan.
•    OMG (One Major Goal)—What to do first in your day, week, month


Week 3: Getting You’re Worth (your value)
•    Who’s your Ideal Client Avatar? / Who do you want to be a HERO to?
•    BFP—What’s their Big Freakin’ Problem (that you solve) or what do they want get rid of forever or achieve (no kidding)?
•    What is the Transformation that you cause them or what is the outcome they get by working with you? (Results).

Q&A Coaching: Celebrate—90 min open Laser coaching call

Week 4: What Makes You Unique (your value)
•    Tell your Compelling Story (facts tell, stories sell)
•    What makes you unique?
•    Be the Expert—Niche Yourself

Week 5: Magnetizing Messages—Saying your worth (ie bragging rights)
•    Create client magnetizing questions
•    Craft your 30 second Irresistible Intro
•    Write your tagline


Week 6: Get Noticed & Get Known
•    The Secret of Master Net-workers
•    What networking is not
•    How to quickly build relationships authentically
•    It’s your party!
•    Be more interested than interesting
•    Be the first one to give and give and give, just for the fun of it!
•    Have a client attractive business card
Q&A Coaching: Celebrate—90 min open Laser coaching call

Week 7: Follow-up & Sales simplified
•    Put together a networking plan / Strategy is a beautiful thing
•    Simple Networking Follow up Systems—What to do when you find them
•    Conversations that Convert Clients (it’s not about selling)

Week 8: Kick Ass Websites that Sell
•    Simple Websites are best
•    They want to know you better and get connected
•    Give them something THEY Want

Week 9: Q&A, Celebrate & What’s the next step?
•    Get any dangling inquiries completed and tie it all up
•    Let’s celebrate what you have accomplished and acknowledged yourself
•    Now that I have some of the marketing pieces – How can I go deeper? 
What’s the next right step for me?

 Plus you’ll get resources and Book list for the recovering Lone Ranger (my favorites)