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Personal Branding is Not an Option!

Personal Branding is Not an Option

We are in the most amazing world right now and the most connected time, ever. However, we are also overloaded with information and stimulation (mass distraction). The 3 biggest enemies The Triple Threat to entrepreneurs and their business are: Distraction, Competition and Commoditization. If you are a superhero (which in my book being an entrepreneur that’s a given) these are your arch enemies

  • Distraction threatens you connection with others
  • Competition threatens your ability to stand out and win
  • Commoditization threatens your relationships and loyalty

It’s true, we are all distracted with bright shiny objects bouncing from one thing to the next… being too busy to pay attention. We stay in touch with tweets, emails, voicemails, facebook and the pings of instant messenger; these crowd and clutter our brains. We don’t want to miss out and are OCD about staying connected, even when we are out on a hot date with someone we are desperate to get closer to.

I find myself ranting, “People are crazy to be texting in a movie, retrieving emails at a romantic dinner and filming at a live concert. They are just not present!” And then, to my surprise and horror, I find myself doing the exact same thing. The pull of distraction is a like a strong current, an undertow that sucks you in. We have become addicted and have developed the attention span of a goldfish, 7-seconds.

Every time you meet someone or share about your business and services you have 7-seconds to engage them.

It’s totally ridiculous! But, that’s all the time you get to make a good first impression. That’s why it is so important to know how to communicate in little sound bytes. Have simple short stories to share that captivate and head-whippin’ hooks to get attention, Stand Out and be memorable. In short You have to BRAND YOURSELF. Personal branding is not an option, it’s mandatory. It’s something everyone must think about and do to get noticed and become known in this crazy, crowded marketplace.

Here are 4 reasons (there are a lot more) why you must brand yourself:

1. Human Beings buy from other Human beings. They want to know the person behind the business.

2. When you have a POV (point of view) or manifesto for your business, others will want to follow you, engage and join your movement.

3. Hooks and stories delight and surprise your customers which makes you easy to remember. And they even will want to share and talk about you!

4. You are in the media (social media and traditional media). We are in a socially connected world. That requires you to be fascinating, inspiring, engaging, educated and then you can convert your audience into raving fans.



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