Personal Branding Hacks: How to Market Yourself Without Selling Out

So many people don’t like the idea of personal branding. They ask me all the time “Why do I have to talk about myself? I am really great at what I do, shouldn’t that be enough for people to find me?

The truth is no effin way.

You have got to STAND OUT.


richard_brandsonSo having a strong personal brand, what I call a Renegade Brand that expresses your truth and your essence, is a must!

Your personal brand is a combination of who you are (how you are different) and what you do (your product or service).

It weaves together your life and your work in the form of sharing your Life’s Work.

Why you do what you do and why you are the best person to do it.

It is no accident that some of the world’s most famous (well known) brands are tied to personalities.

Think about it… There’s Steve Jobs and Apple, Richard Branson and Virgin, Elon Musk and Tessler.

And the Grand Madame herself, Martha Stuart: Who built her entire empire on her name.
Oh, that puts her into Rock Star Status like Madonna, Prince and Cher.

They all have taken what makes them special, (their unique genius / their super power) and projected it consistently, authentically and in an impactful way creating Stand out Brands.


At its core personal branding entails:

Personal Story—that allows people to connect and relate to you.
Street Creds— Results you have caused and transformation that people get working with you.
Building a Tribe—Fans that are following you and are involved in a bigger idea; being a part of a movement. Think Lady Gaga and Monster Loyalty.
Creating a Lasting Platform—a website and content that continues to evolve as you do sharing your concepts, ideas and wisdom.

“A Brand is a set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another”—Seth Godin

There may be a lot of things you can’t control but how you tell Your Personal Story is the one thing you get to craft.

Like any good story it sheds light on what matters to you, your values, motivation, your roots and your goals.

Most people don’t understand how to design a personal brand story from their life. They’re just to close to see the connections between personal experiences and their business.

I have a unique methodology that helps my clients see their historical DNA. And then we craft the story that connects their personal story to their business.

Share Yourself hot_women_rock_modified

Own the things you do.

Have a freakin’ opinion.

Tell people what you are doing.

Share the parts of your journey that are challenging and the milestones. Spread your story through your content, videos, blogs and all your communications.

Tell stories and use them as a teaching opportunity. Give people something interesting, educational and human.

All the World is Your Stage.

Something amazing and magical happens when you express your passion out in public.
Your voice expands and you expand.

Your personal brand gets developed naturally as you come out and own who you are and what you do. And before you know it you have built a powerful personal (renegade) brand.

You have my permission to be unapologetically you!

Breathe Deeply, Laugh Loudly & Be Audacious

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