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Oprah: The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned about Branding

Oprah: The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned about Branding

Ok Oprah is a lifelong learner, like all of the conscious leaders out there including you and me. When she started out she was first delivering the weather on a little local station in Nashville serving the black community and she obviously didn’t stop there. She kept going and growing.

Oprah used to insist she was not a Brand. Really!

Her enlightenment came about when she really got what a Personal Brand was and the cornerstone to building one. This transformation happened (as she tells it) after an interaction with a woman at the grocery store.

Audacious Tip: Oprah’s Personal Brand is she is “Your Best Girl Friend, and you can tell her anything”

So Oprah is in the grocery store and this woman bumps into her and says, “Girl, I was watching your show and you said “Stop Hittin’ Your Kids”. Oprah had been lecturing on the evils of physical punishment.

The woman goes on to say, “You don’t have kids, what do you know about disciplining them? But buy the third time I heard you going on about it, I decided to try it out. So I stop hitting my child for a week, then another and another”.

“I actually stopped it, all together”, She said to O. “You were consistent” And as Oprah tells it that’s when the concept of branding clicked for her.

Audacious Tip: Keep in mind she is a master storyteller. Nothing gets people connected, inspired or moved than Brand Storytelling. And dis is dat.

That’s why when I work with my clients on what makes them stand out and be unique we spend lots of time writing and exploring their Brand Story (s). These can be used in your signature talk, webinars, about pages, website main pages and other messages that you send out to your tribe.

“Consistency, to me is the definition of what a brand is, said Oprah, “That’s when it shifted”.

Oprah knows being a brand is not only about being consistent but about being true to your values, having a point of view, and standing for something bigger than yourself and having a powerful intention.

So over the years she asks her guests what their intentions are for being on her show. And of course she would share hers as well. So they are co-creating an outcome. Much in the same way that I work with my clients on their brand and messages and the transformation they are causing another person.

Your Big Work is What You Have Been Called to Do

As Oprah tells it a couple came to her show to talk about their 16-year-old daughter being murdered by her boyfriend. They shared with Oprah; “We want the audience to know our sweet girl’s life was so much bigger and important than her tragic demise”.

Oprah graciously listened and then told the couple, “my intention is to exploit your daughter’s life for those in the same situation and hiding it, letting them see and know there is another way, a way out.”

Your intention, what I call your manifesto is the cornerstone of your Brilliant Brand. When you can truly express and message that to its fullest and highest expression, you will be creating a profitable business and life that you love.

When You Show up, the Money Shows Up

There are a lot of people that think doing what you love and following your passion are not effective business strategies. For Rebel, Renegades and Revolutionary business builders they are the Juice.

For Oprah, running a business is so much more than the day-to-day operations or profits. And we all know you gotta have structures in place (a platform) that reflect the stage of business you are in. Those things change and expand as your business grows.

“Your business is an energetic force in the world”—Oprah Winfrey

And she maintains, when she developed a strategy that really aligned with her values (i.e. A Brilliant Brand) her national talk show grew dramatically and her popularity became limitless. That is the power of a Brilliant Personal Brand; it is the rocket fuel to your profits.

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