Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t

OMG, for crying out loud I thought, “That’s Right!”

When I first read this I was so confronted.

Do you ever wonder why no one opens

Your emails? Or worse…

They don’t want respond to your invitations

to talk to you?

Why all the marketing stuff the Gurus

Are telling you to do ‘cause they made

millions doing it

Freakin’ doesn’t work…(ugh)

In the virtual world (Facebook, Instagram et all)

You can have tons of friends and likes, right?

So WTF … It’s meaningless.

You may feel (like I did)

Like a hopeless case, until now…

If you have been experiencing this in your business

Or your life (‘cause marketing and branding is life)

Most likely you are suffering from Banging the Lips (too much)

A Syndrome better known as TMI coupled with

No Branding Voice and no Stand Out perspective (POV).

But all is not lost. You can Do this…

Your mission if you choose to accept it is to

Activate that part of your brain

(that has been ignored and long been forgotten)



“The Imagination is More Powerful that Knowledge”—Albert Einstein


And to help you activate your dormant genius here a few tips for


How to Write Engaging Copy.

1) Streamline Your Message

Become present to the fact that every word you say creates…something.

Stop Talking so Much! Breathe and Leave space. Focus your message and pare it down to its simplest, clearest, easiest— to —understand form.

For you smarty-pants who read that as “dumbing it down” and want to retch —

Get Over It.

No one wants to read your shit. Can free your over analyzing mind.

I am not saying this to be mean or cruel but get you present to we are all freakin’ busy and have the attention of a small Gold Fish!

2) Make It FUN

Sexy or interesting in some way. Even scary (can work) or informative. Although we are all done with facts (There is Google for that). More than anything we want to be touched, moved and inspired.

When you can fully understand no one wants to read your sh*t your mind gets activated, powerfully concentrated and you tap into the power of your imagination.

In my Rock Your Rebel Style master class my students begin to uncover their Branding DNA by writing personal stories. These stories can be used in marketing, websites, and signature talks, about pages, bios, introductions, blogs, books and videos.

Getting Your Brand Message Right is the Key to Your Success.

When you understand “Why people buy” and “What Motivates Them” (it’s not what you think). You will be able attract your ideal clients and make the money you deserve.

3) Drop Perfect English

(OMG) Did she really say that? You might be saying to yourself. Or my English teacher would kill me. So lemme get clear here, this does have to be in alignment with your brand and brand voice. It doesn’t matter if you are a Potty Mouth or Pollyanna but if you want your copy to connect and convert it must be conversational.

If you are high-end she-she lux travel agent you might say, “We have the resources and connections to elevate your vacation experience. We know the right way to pull a few strings”.

Or if you are more the edgy of sassy type by nature (let it rip). So instead of “This in not optimal” you might say, “No Bueno.”

No Matter if You’re a Miss-Priss or Sassy-Sis You Must Use Slang

You need to say it, write it and use it exactly how you would if you were sitting at a table with your customer (or BFF)— RELAXED just being yourself.

If you want some help with this reach out to me: and let’s connect. I am here for you. You don’t have to do this alone.


I’ve Got Your Back!

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