No one wants to be Labeled or have a Terrible Tagline

Once upon a time she had the terrible tagline of “fish lips” by cruel bullies.


No one wants to be labeled…

Or have a Terrible Tagline.

As a kid I was the one that the cool girls bullied and picked on.

They called me “That weird new girl”.

The mean girls code for seek and destroy.

To survive those ordeals, I learned to blend into the background.

Perfecting stealth, ninja moves to go unnoticed.

But what I have learned over the years is you have got too fearlessly

STAND OUT and BE SEEN (especially with 1 Billion websites).

Taglines can be tough. Like your Label or Your Brand they have to be right to work.

There is a tremendous amount of pressure put on just a few choice words to tell people EVERYTHING about you and your service.

No freakin’ way. That is damn near impossible to do, right?

Even the most experienced ad execs, with million dollar budgets have come up with some whopping flopping taglines.


Here are a 3 terrible taglines you want to avoid..



The Strength To Be There—AIG

WTF. What does that even mean?


Ask Why?—Enron

Are they freakin kidding? That’s sooo sadly ironic. We should have all asked that about their big spill.



We Want You to Live—Mobil

Humm, thanks…Alternative? I don’t need your permission. So you can just blow it out your Gas.


Distilled in Hell—Bacardi Spice

  1. Just a bit to Bosch The Last Judgement painting for me.



We Get You There—Delta

That would be the point. Falling out of the sky is no picnic.


Drive One—Ford

Rebels don’t like to be told what to do…Read my lips “Hell NO”.


So what makes for a GOOD tagline?

For starters you gotta ask yourself some good questions and get clarity.

  • Do you really need a tagline?
  • What tagline expresses your business?


If you have a business that point blank says what it is does: Accounting for Creative People, you probably don’t need to say more.

However if your business title is abstract (Google), or you are simply using your name, then you will need a descriptive tagline. One that speaks to what you do or even more better tells the benefit or transformation of working with you.

Rebel Examples: “Liberate your Rebel Spirit & Rake in the Revenue” (that’s mine). “Making the World Safe for Love”—Todd Creager, Marriage and Family Therapist

Ask yourself, “What do I want my tagline to do?”

  • Does it want to be a play-on-words that creates humor?
  • Expresses my spirit or what I stand for?
  • Or express an emotion?

Most people try to communicate way to much in a tagline

Keep is Simple, Sweet Heart! And the designer’s mantra “Less is More”.

5 words at the most. If you want to know if it’s really clear say it to a 6 year old and see if they understand what you just said (That’s the ultimate test).

The best taglines are sexier worded versions of your Brand Idea

Think Nike’s Just Do It. It doesn’t say EVERYTHING it expresses an emotion.

Or New York Tourist Bureau I Love New York.

You can express the big benefit: Have It Your Way—Burger King or It’s The Real Thing—Coca Cola.

Or speak to the quality of your product or service: The Ultimate Driving Machine—BMW

Give your tagline the attention and creative time it deserves. It is an important cornerstone of your Brand.

If you want some help with it…You know where to find me.


Breathe Deeply, Laugh Loudly & Be Audacious




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