What is The Irresistible Marketing & Mindset System™ and what does it include?
Attracting a consistent flow of new clients starts with knowing and really understanding your ideal client; what are their biggest struggles? What will make them want to buy your services? Once you hone in and have complete clarity about that, it’s time to start playing full-out, be audacious and take committed action. Here’s what the System gets you to do:

1. Get Fiercely Focused – Decide and Irresistible Marketing Your #1 Goal
We take a look at your day, how you are spending your time currently. When in the day (and how) you are making time for marketing (if you are at all) and attracting clients. Then restructure your schedule, prioritize your daily task lists, schedule in follow up time and stop the “leaks” in your marketing bucket. This way you can get “Fiercely Focused” on growing your business. We’ll show you how to “batch” your working with client days, business develop days and days off so that you fully make the most of every precious minute and still have down time for yourself. Let’s face it, we all need to unplug and enjoy!

2. Identify and Strategize Your Unique Genius
We will examine exactly where you are positioned in the marketplace; what is your “Vivid Personal Story”; what will motivate prospective clients to work with you. What makes You unique and distinguishes Your services from everybody else doing the same or similar thing?  We will also explore what you offer specifically in terms of results and benefits to your clients. What is the Transformation that people get by working with You?

3. Know Your Ideal Client…Your Perfect Avatar
Together, we will find out exactly who your ideal clients are: The WHO, WHAT, WHY, HOW of what makes YOU the clients Unique Problem-Solver and the best ways to connect with them in large numbers, inexpensively.

4. Construct Your Authentic Branding and Marketing Message
In this module, you will find out how to craft your unique marketing message, look and feel, tagline and compelling statements that grab people’s attention and compels them to call you, rather than coming off as Pushy, Sales like or Pressuring and chasing them (That sooo doesn’t work). You will create specific marketing materials and learn techniques that REALLY SPEAK TO YOUR CLIENT, to who they are and what they want.

5. Package Your Unique Genius (What You Do & What You Know)
We examine your services, what you offer and what you know, and turn these into irresistible programs, packages and systems that make prospective clients sit up and say “Wow, I want to work with you”. How to price your offerings so they sell themselves and bring you more money than you’re currently making. It won’t serve you to develop all this if you don’t know how to close the sale. We will take you step-by-step through a Soft Close that wins them over and they essentially close themselves. This step alone will blow you away and start making you more money than you’re making, now.

6. Be Unstoppable—Create your Marketing Circle / Go BIG and Get into Action
People are just like you, they really only buy from people they know, like and trust. You will begin educating your circle of influence, all the people you know and your supporters, on how to send you referrals. We will examine everything you need to do to get out there big time in front of clients and sharing your gifts (Yes. That’s what I’m talking about!). We will spend a lot of time “fishing where the fish are” and putting together a marketing strategy and action plan to reach your ideal clients, using your irresistible marketing message, and developing your “Winning Mindset”.

7. Implement Marketing Systems—Simple & Consistent Plan Getting Great Results
There will never be a time you will not be marketing, Period. Unless of course you retire and are laying on the beach in Mexico—you are always going to be marketing. The good news is: we will implement systems and structures to make sure it’s never too overly time-consuming or difficult to do. The systems we put in place are simple and once created will practically run by themselves. When your Irresistible Marketing System™ is fully operational, you’ll never have to worry about clients again. So Celebrate Yourself!!! (Now and every step-of-the-way).


“OK, I know what I want. How do I to get started, now?”
Fantastic! Did you know that one of the most important characteristics of successful people is that they take decisive action? They are educated risk takers, action-oriented and they spring forward towards success faster as a direct result. It’s a well-known fact that successful people make decisions based on their gut instinct. So, with that being said, if this feels right or rings true for you, just do it now and go for it!

Here’s what you do: Click Here If you have any questions, give me a call at (949) 287-6410 or email me at “> and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. I can’t wait to meet you in person or on the phone to get you started on your Irresistible Marketing: More clients, More money and More fun!

“I’m not sure I’m ready to get started” or “I have a couple of questions about if Irresistible Marketing is right for me?”
Great! The first step to success is just showing up. Sign up for a Free “Getting to Know YOU Session”. We can get acquainted, review your business and walk you through the different options to see which one will be the very best for you.

I am so excited to see you succeed and I am totally honored to be working with you and supporting you on your business journey!