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How to Market for Your Personality Type

How to Market for Your Personality Type

Have you ever stopped to think, what if all this marketing mania is just monkey business that is actually causing me entrepreneurial overwhelm, mind-numbing anxiety, and ferocious fear? Are you feeling me up in here?

As an entrepreneur, I have hit the wall (exhausted), worked my ass off to create products, videos, online workshops, ezines, radio show, books, speak and the list goes on and on and on. But, what if all I needed to do to build my business, was simple marketing that aligned with my personality type?

All of us are somewhere on the broad spectrum between Extrovert and Introvert. If you’re an introvert, you probably are selective about how you use your energy, get drained by people and need a lot of downtime. The Extrovert gets energy from people, loves talking, connecting and being in public. So what’s the best way to market for your type?

You get Goosebumps and think, “I was Born to do this!”

Here are the marketing archetypes via Michelle Vanderpas.

Are you nurturing, a healer or a caregiver type? Do you create a safe space for other people to be themselves? If so your archetype is The Nurturer (usually an introvert).

Do you like to dig deep and give back what you know, speaking and sharing your knowledge? Your archetype is The Professor (usually an introvert).

Are you someone who likes to connect people and do good work? Your archetype is The Politician (usually extrovert).

Do you like to inspire, are charismatic and be center stage in the limelight? Your archetype is The Star (Rock Star in my book) You might think Oprah’s archetype is The Star but she’s a Nurturer.

Ask yourself these key questions:

How do people come to me?

Who am I here to serve?

Who buys from me?

Now, think of 2 or 3 marketing strategies/tactics that your personality type and archetype would do naturally or get excited to do all day long? When you are doing one of these you get goosebumps and think “I was born to do this!”

Stop doing all the other gazillion things that marketers say you have to do to build your business. STOP! Business is not cookie cutter, marketing is not cookie cutter and you aren’t either. You are ONE OF A KIND and BUSINESS IS DYNAMIC.

Breathe Deeply. You have permission to stop doing all those things you are trying to learn that make your skin crawl. You introverts don’t have to be on big stages or speaking to stadiums of people. You extroverts don’t have to write eZines all damn-day long, or create online programs where you don’t get to be with people! Get it?

Do the marketing that is an expression of your personality. (That’s your secret sauce.) It’s your Genius the one that God gave you. Have fun with yourself. Laugh Loudly.

And above all, accept your greatness, deeply love Yourself, and Be Audacious!

Get clear on your personality archetype and 3 marketing tactics that are right for You. Set up a 30 minute Expression Session with me! Let’s get you aligned with your marketing!


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