How to make a decision fast

How to make a decision fast
As an entrepreneur, running your own business, you have to make decisions. You are making them all the time. How to spend your precious time or your money? Where to go networking? Who you should meet and with whom to make alliances? What kind of products to create and in what order?
So, how do you know what decisions to make, and make them fast?
The first thing is to make a decision and make it right. Stop second guessing yourself. You can start practicing this by making quick decisions about things that are not so important. Quickly decide what you are choosing to eat at the restaurant or what movie you are going to see. Just take 2 minutes. Make a decision and bam, go for it.
Making quick gut decisions will become more comfortable as you learn to trust yourself. Know you can change directions just as quickly. Then try it in your business. Whatever your decision, make yourself right. Give up being hard on yourself and drop the “should haves”.
When making a decisions about if you should do something or not, ask yourself  “does this move me closer to my desired goal or not? If I do this thing, is it forwarding me? Or, is it a distraction?”  Some of us have to retrain ourselves from distracting ourselves with little tasks that don’t really matter.
“Say NO!”
It’s just as powerful to say no, as it is to say yes. Don’t do anything that you don’t really want to do. Get selfish. Do what makes you feel empowered or feel good. Stop doing things for everyone else. This can be hard for all you people pleasers out there (I can also fall into this trap sometimes). As women, we have been trained from the time we were little to be a “good little girl” and put others first. This won’t serve you in your business.
Focus on revenue generating activities first.
Do the short term tactics (usually the ones you don’t like) like follow up phone calls. If you just do one hour, or even a half hour a day, you could double your income in no time.
Be a recovering multi-tasker. Stop watching other peoples’ webinars in the middle of the day. Stop looking at emails first thing in the morning and stop all the education. Instead, market and sell people into your programs and services.
And lastly, make it a practice to appreciate yourself.
Celebrate every step of the way and toot your own horn. Write a gratitude list of at least 3 to 5 things you accomplish each day, and be kind to yourself. Share with someone else what you are doing and make a big deal out of everything!

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