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Lust is a trigger that makes people buy

Lust is a trigger that makes people buy

You all probably know by now I am car challenged. OMG my beloved Jetta is on its last legs (10 years old and 200,000. Miles). It’s been a Long Hot Relationship!

My car was all about freedom, adventure and fun. It fully expresses one of my credos – If it’s fun, and it’s easy and I’ll feeeeeel good – you can count me in!

That Trigger is Lust. Lust conquers the rational evaluation process freeing us to stop thinking and start feeling. And if any of you have ever bought a car, or anything else for that matter, you probably have encountered this trigger. It’s not that Sexy sells…but it does get attention. Think about what trigger is being set off the next time you watch a car ad on TV. The car companies capitalize on these triggers.

Lust is a TRIGGER that makes people buy. According to Sally Hogshead in her amazing book Fascinate, there are 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation.

If you’re not using them in your business, you should be! That is what makes you and your product irresistible. And we all want to be Simply Irresistible (in our own way).

Be on the look out for my new *Free 3 part Video Series (coming soon) How to Fascinate: Market Like Madonna. In it I am going to show you how to…

•    Unlock your creativity and discover your unique genius—so there is no competition out there.

•    Clarify and really know your Ideal Client Avatar (this is the keys to the kingdom)

•    Create your 7- Sec. Head Whipp’n Hook that blows them away and distinguishes you from everybody else.

Until next time,

Breathe Deeply, Laugh Loudly and Be Audacious!

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