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The Key is to be Unapologetically You!

The Key is to be Unapologetically You!

So often, we are taught to squash our natural abilities and talents, turning them into character defects, or worse, thinking of them as dysfunctional behaviors. But, what if we could simply embrace them, accept them and use them as the guideposts that they are? You can even magnify some of them to create a Stand-Out Brand. Yes, you can actually be Yourself, unapologetically.

Let’s put the FUN back into Dysfunctional

Begin to see what your Bad Ass & Beautiful qualities really are. The first place to look is what did your parents tell you not to do? A few of my faves: “Don’t be so loud. Don’t be so happy. No one wants to see you. Calm down. “

“When you are yourself, usually there is someone around
that is going to be uncomfortable.”

For me, my father was always scolding, “Calm down, stand still and behave.” He was also fond of saying, “You are too sensitive.” By taking these faults, or seeming short comings, and AMPING them UP, I turned them into strengths. Leading with my Bad Ass self (loud passionate, fearless) and then being Sensitive and transparent (being sweet and vulnerable) allows my audience to connect and be fascinated. In turn, it causes them to be touched, moved and inspired. It magnetizes them to my brand and they want to work with me.

“Use your faults, use your defects,
that’s what’s gonna make you a star” —Edith Piaf

Think of one thing you were scolded and told not to do or be as a child. Then, amp-it-up and turn it around into a strength. See how you can transform that “weakness” into your brand. Maybe you were told don’t be so serious, quiet, caring or curious. The Key is to be Un-apologetically You! (So, stop saying, “I am sorry!”)

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