No matter how hard you try or what tactics you use you just can’t seem to convince your ideal prospects of your impact. So your client base is small and your meager sales practically guarantees you will continue to struggle.



In less than a day you can discover the crucial keys that can catapult your client conversions and make you stand out and shine like a rock star!

Brand Brilliantly, Market like Madonna & Profit like a Rock Star will give you the copy charisma you need to stand out, fascinate and get all the clients you want.

Your Brand fuels 98% of your entire business

When you have a Brilliant Brand:

  • It makes 98% of all your marketing decisions for you.
  • Gives you a clear roadmap to write all of your marketing copy
  • Creates that sizzle factor that has you Stand Out and Shine like a rock star




“Before I started working with Ann, I was overwhelmed, so busy running around managing the minutiae of my business that I had no time to realize that I was defeating myself. Allowing myself to be drained of both time and money.

She helped me crystallize not only what would make my business succeed, but more importantly, what would make my life succeed, by being my most authentic not being afraid to speak my truth and standing in my Brilliant Brand. This once reluctant messenger became the peaceful warrior ready to do my great work and have a big impact on the planet.

Laura Oatman
Whole Earth Wellness


In this one day experience we are going to go through my 5 step Brilliant Branding process that has created my 6-figure business and helped many of my clients to the same.

You are going to discover:IMG_3423

  • The one thing that you do that kills your sales and is the fastest path to the poor house (You gotta stop doing this)
  • How to use your branding power words for compelling taglines and titles
  • How to explain yourself simply and easily with sound bytes and hooks so your prospects say “Yes” to working with you.

Sure you can keep going for weeks, months (or even years) trying to figure this out and get it on your own. But why struggle when I can show you exact secrets and formulas, which launched the success of my own six-figure business. These can a make the difference for you as well!

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“Ann has an eye like a hawk when it comes to marketing and branding. She knows how to ask the right questions to drill down to the heart of what truly makes someone individual, and how to represent that uniqueness through marketing.

At her day-long workshop, I gained insight into what sets me apart from the pack, and I left armed with tools I could implement right away with my branding. Thank you so much, Ann!”

– Alison Volk
The Blog Babe



If you are struggling to make the income you want to support the lifestyle you want and your Brand is out of wack or non-existent altogether. And if your brand is off then all of your marketing, products and services are also off because it effects EVERYTHING. It doesn’t have to be a secret anymore or something you have to figure out before you can really make the money you want to.

Join me for the day at Brand Yourself Brilliantly, Market like Madonna and Profit like a Rock Star.

Get clarity about your Brand and understand how to write charismatic copy that sizzles and sells.




“In one hour of being with Ann she had me drill down and figure out how to get my message across in 3 simple ways. She’s really a genius at figuring out who YOU are and what you need to say to really get other people to know who You are.”

– Susie Bedson Horgan
Get a Life with Susie



Magnetizing Your Marketing Messages & Stand Out like a Rock Star

Saturday June 13 / Wyndham Hotel, Costa Mesa

9:00 am – 5:00 pm  / Fee $197. (Early Bird Special Pricing $97.)