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It’s Not You, It’s Your Story: Why Branding Matters

It’s Not You, It’s Your Story: Why Branding Matters

The BFP (Big Freakin’ Problem) is how do I become a great brand? How do I distinguish myself and stand out in the overcrowded marketplace. You might be thinking, “There are so many other Therapist, Healers, Health Coaches, Life Coaches (fill in the blank) how do I stand out, be different and fascinate?”

It might seem impossible but it’s not. How? Your Brand Story. Branding is more than a cute photo, colors or a logo, business card or website. Your Brand is Your Unique Voice in the marketplace.

Your Brand is your Proposition for Disruption

It’s how you tell your story that creates a lasting impact. And is the key to your standing out and your success.

Most entrepreneurs go into business / into the marketplace with an idea, not a brand. This idea can be so deeply soulful and personal that it is hard to explain it to others so they get it. You are so passionate about it, you have the expectation that people should just “Get it” and understand what you are doing—but the truth is They Don’t.

And that is why you need to develop a Brilliant Brand Message that is effective.

One of the most frequent things I hear is, “People just don’t really get what I do or understand the value of it and I am absolutely the best.”  Inside you are thinking WTF.

Your Brand is your story and if you can’t tell it in a way that is relevant and meaningful, nobody will get it.

If you catch yourself making that statement (people just don’t get it) then your problem is not that you aren’t good at what you do or that your work isn’t life changing…You don’t have a strong enough personal brand and don’t know how to talk about it.

Your Brilliant Personal Brand does the Talking for You

And if you can’t communicate the value of what you bring to the world then you have got a BFP (Big Freakin’ Problem) right? So how do you solve this?

Branding is about knowing what you stand for and how you communicate the values and character of your product or service.

You have got to Unleash Your Rebel Voice.

I work with my clients to do that and understand what they are actually about. And what they stand for and how to create a brilliant brand that represents them.

If you would like to begin that journey you can download Unleash Your Rebel Voice on my website and start your personal brand journey right now. When you do this right not only do you understand your branding story… you get crystal-clear about your purpose, mission and value.

And when you are spot on you can sum it all up in one word. I know that sounds Audacious (that’s my brand, wink wink).

But here are a few of my clients Brilliant Brands summed up in one word: Comfort, Love, Real, Beauty, Truth, Power, Innocence, Rebel, Freedom.

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