It’s no longer business as usual by Shawn Marie Turi

business as usual


Have you noticed a shift in the conversation around networking? Are you seeing more creative collaborating? We are moving from competitive relationships to a more cooperative space where co-marketing and collaborative relationships are embraced, and seemingly in an effort to reach the same audience. I think it is finally sinking in that there is more than enough business for everyone.

“Bottom line is it’s not about getting all the business it’s about serving the right clients”

There are things to consider and pay attention to when collaborating so I’ve outlined a few here for you to consider:

On Collaborating: The best and most meaningful collaborations start when “essence” is at the heart of the conversation. Form and strategy is essential, but is absolutely does not start there. Remember that what the world really need, in addition to lots of love sweet love, is people who want to make a difference and we are more together than we are apart.

1. What is you why? Start here this is the most meaningful stuff and everything else grows from here. It’s the most important.

2. Is there a potential downside you should watch for when collaborating? (Again start with your essence)

3. What are your passions and why does this collaboration mean so much to you?

4. What is each person’s role and what are each person’s responsibilities?

5. How does this collaboration support them, how does it support you and why is this a good fit?

6. What are you vision and goals for this collaboration?

7. In what areas are you in alignment and in what areas are you not?

8. Do your strengths and weaknesses support the balance of the project or compete for time/attention?

9. What you your personal passions and dreams for your work?

10. If things work out as perfectly as possible, what do you think will happen for you? For your collaborators?

Once again and I can’t stress enough…start with your Why and with your connection to the person or people you want to collaborate with. Working with others who are genuinely like-minded is everything. Taking time to do this work (and the inside work as well) and creating a clear vision of how you’re going to work together (before there’s any money at stake or anyone has any skin in the game) is crucial first step towards building collaborative relationships that work and support everyone involved.


Shawn Marie TuriBusiness Coach+Mentor+Passion Alchemist at {we}FLAUNT supports successful women, entrepreneurs and CEO’s to grow their business, increase their revenues and create a life they love. Her expertise is in business and brand development, sales & marketing, money mindset, going deep and getting real.

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