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Is Your Splash Too Big?

By June 1, 2013Uncategorized
Is Your Splash Too Big?

I am so excited to put in a new Bathroom and Kitchen into my house. Today’s the day! and my contractor has been working all day cutting the marble and working things out. It started to get late and he was still working when I had to leave to go to a dinner party. I got dressed to go and I heard this voice inside my head saying “This is important, you should cancel your plans and stay home”. I gathered my things to get out the door, car keys in hand and heard it again saying “You should stay home”. I immediately did the smart thing. The mind override thinking “It’s looking good, he knows what he’s doing, it’s okay to leave”.

At dinner, in between conversations, I kept checking my phone to see if he had sent any photos or had any questions for me to answer. Again, ignoring my intuition.

So you know this not going to be good.

He sent me the finished photo and all I could think of was that splash is HUGE. Yeah it was a Big splash alright… A belly flop.

When was the last time you ignored your intuitive voice?

Breathe Deeply, Laugh Loudly & Be Audacious!

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