If Madonna Tweeted: Here’s the top 5 Copywriting Formulas that she would use to get Massive Attention

If Madonna Tweeted

OK Tweeting, keepin’ it real and making an impact. Really in only 140 characters long that would be an uber miracle for most but not Madonna. Storytelling is the secret sauce to (branding and marketing) drawing your readers into and magnetizing their attention, wanting more. It’s all about engagement online with your peeps. Can you fit a fascinating captivating story into something that is 140 characters long? No Way. Yes Way.

So let’s get to it…

The best copywriters and storytellers know, there’s a formula. (Dats right it’s not rocket science)

If it seems like Magic, there is a Formula

Formulas are things that have been proven to work over and over again, they are the tried and true result producers. I am not big on formulas however this stuff really works and is an efficient use of your writing time. You can use these for blog posts intros, social updates, emails and a whole slew of other things you are putting out there. In marketing it’s all about testing it out and tweaking sooo test these babies out for yourself.

The Secret Sizzle is Your Brand Voice

1. Before—After—Bridge
Before: Here’s your current world. After: Imagine what it would be like to have that problem solved forever. Bridge: Here’s how to get there.

Madonna’s Tweet: Creating a #Rebel Heart takes balls. Imagine growing a pair overnight.

2. Problem—Agitate—Solve
This is one of the most popular and controversial formulas. It’s almost identical to the first one except you don’t describe life without the problem. The problem doesn’t go away it persists, thus the agitate part.

Madonna’s Tweet: Settling for second best, Baby? Let your freakin’ fear win again OR stand up and fight.

3. Features—Advantages—Benefits (FAB)
This is one of my favorite tips on writing or speaking about yourself focus on the benefits (what’s in it for them) not features (how you do it). Simply said, “you get this…the service or product does this…so that you get this.

Madonna’s Tweet: 3 kickass steps to help you Stand Out and Get more Buzz

4. The 4 C’s: Clear, Concise, Compelling, and Credible
This is a great formula to stay focused on the goal of your copy and laser in on the benefits to your reader. Keeping it clear, concise, compelling and that what you are promising (credible) is absolutely going to happen, without fail.

Madonna’s Tweet: Be remembered. Even if there is a global disaster. Try my most popular tactics for Staying on Top

5. The 4 U’s: Useful, Urgent, Unique, and Ultra-specific
The 4 U’s formula is ready made for social media. The elements of urgency and being specific are exactly what our ADD fast pace world is about. If you can master this one your social media marketing will explode.

Madonna’s Tweet: Market Like Me: Answering all your questions on being controversial and badass from my bedroom. Only 7 seats left!

Have fun with this and speak in your brand voice (not Madonna’s). There are many more kickass copywriting formulas to improve your social media posts and content. I will be sharing more with you to keep your creativity juiced and you laughing out loud.

If You are not on the edge, You are taking up to much space!


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