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Iconic Branding: Jodi is Laura Croft

Iconic Branding_Jodi is Laura Croft

I wanted to share the behind the scenes of my newest program that includes my own audacious method of Iconic Branding… Enjoy Laura Croft!

You must begin to separate yourself from all the rest 
in a notable and fascinating way. You must STAND OUT. 
It’s no longer good enough to be good at what you do.
We are shooting one of my clients as a note-able, recognizable ICON. (That’s what Celebs and Fashion Art Directors have done for years.)
Over the next couple of months, I will be sharing the images and behind the scenes development of some of my other Iconic Branding projects.
Now, you have a VIP Back Stage Pass to the making of a Million Dollar Brand.**

**Disclamer: Do not try Iconic Branding at home. Doing this alone, can be a complete cluster f*ck.

If you want to know more about how to Stand Out and Fascinate with your business, let’s hook up for an Expression Session.

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