Why Iconic Branding Works

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Why Iconic Branding Works

Personal Branding is a must in today’s competitive marketplace. But rock stars know it’s all about Iconic Branding. It blows the competition away, because there is no one like them.

It’s Audacious Personal Branding-like branding on steroids. Imagine a mega burst to your confidence level and how you actually view yourself. It’s a big infusion of self worth. That allows you to step into your greatness and serve people on a bigger level.

Let’s start with why personal branding? Most of us are fully aware that in the first 3 seconds of meeting someone you are getting sized up. “First impressions are everything!” Even if you don’t like that fact, it’s the truth. We make split decisions within the first 3 seconds based on the thoughts in our heads: Who are you? What do you have? and Why should I care?

If you don’t fascinate in the first 9 seconds you will be forgotten.

“You must be Magnetic, Memorable and nothing short of Magnificent”

Your Brand has become synonymous with You. The fact is your first impression, second impression, third, fourth, and all the rest of your communication and marketing impressions, must reflect your brand. Brand clarity is the quickest way to The Know Like and Trust Factor, which is why people buy. They will sense if your brand is not aligned with you. (People naturally have a huge BS meter.) Or, if you have a mismatch brand that’s all over the place, it confuses people and a confused mind doesn’t buy.

The Myth: People think branding means they have to be someone else or something other than themselves. Like a loud mouth getting attention or super happy smiling person. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Truth: People buy from you (over someone else) because of YOU. Who you actually are and who you are being. Your service, not so much.

However, what does happen with branding is you have to step up and be seen for who you really are, your big self. You have to be bold.

What Iconic Branding Gives YOU:

· Clarity of purpose
· Knowing your worth and claiming it
· Powerful, Bold and Memorable image and message
· Uniquely You Branding‑It’s not cookie cutter branding

Let me give you an example of the power of an Iconic Brand that caused gianormous breakthrough and transformation. My client is a pretty successful relationship therapist with a practice for 30 years.

We started looking first at his core value words, point of view and personal story all the basics for personal branding. Now you gotta get that when I first started to work with him he was reluctant to raise his rates and was focusing on communication skills. Raising your rates is a must for most of us to make more money, but you have to have the confidence you are worth it.

I think clear communication is a must have skill for intimacy but being the badass that I am (wink, wink). I asked “what is the final outcome to all this communication?” He replied “ a happy satisfying life with a loving partner”. I am looking for the bottom line that motivates us as human beings. So I say “right, SEX”. We both started laughing in recognition of that often unspoken truth.

Diving deeper into his brand we started to see he has a multi-faceted approach. He causes breakthroughs for his clients with lots of different techniques. All of which have to do with increased communication and ultimately “Bringing Sexy Back”. His experience was magnified by the Vogue Style photo shoot and the Iconic Identifier parts of the Iconic Branding Technique that I created. No one else is doing it this way. This shifted him so strongly he had a transformational experience. You don’t have to take my word for it, watch is video that he made 2 weeks later.

One of the ways his Iconic Brand showed up was he sold a new client into a high level program we had developed for him but he was afraid to sell. He made more money in a weekend than he usually does in a month. That’s what I am talking about!!!

The Iconic Branding Experience is a powerfully creative branding process that will not only get your Brand to Stand Out but will get you to Step into your greatness and give you the foundation to do your Big Work that you came here to do.

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