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I love Quirky People!


I love quirky people—mostly because I am one. Here’s to the crazy dreamers! Being open to your creative genius requires exploration, trying new things, staying curious, playing, and laughing at yourself. (God, I love this tiny hat.) Wake up to how awesome you are!

Sometimes with all the work there is to business, I hate to admit it, even I forget to let go and have fun. When I can laugh at myself, or get quiet and light a candle at the end of the day, all the stress, struggle and significance fades away.

What practices do you have to blow off stress, relieve your significance and be silly like a five year old out to have fun?

I invite you to go on a Rampage of Quirkiness. Treat yourself and your business to your silly side. It is time to acknowledge how awesome you really are and let your whole self shine!

Marketing and Standing Out is all about embracing your Crazy Quirky Self.

Breathe Deeply, Laugh loudly and Be Audacious! Above all, Celebrate Yourself!

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