I Can Be A Maserati Dump Truck

I Can Be A Maserati Dump Truck


Sometimes I ride the Dragon and sometimes the Dragon rides me….I am sooo frustrated today!!! Nothing is going right! My mind goes off saying “Why doesn’t this work?” or “How come I am still looking for this, where the hell is it?”…OMG! I go from 0-60 faster than a Maserati Dump Truck. And there I am stuck in Crazy Town. God, I just hate that. I forget to breathe, I forget to think, and I want to throw myself on the floor like a five year old and kick and scream (sometimes and choose to do that too). And then I remember…

  “If everything is under control

 You are in trouble.”

 —Suzanne Evans from It’s Decision Time!

I call my action buddy (quitting partner) affectionately known as “HONEY”. She patiently listens, and reminds me that I am growing and up-leveling my business and it’s all FOR ME… For my growth and development and my leadership and making a difference. I can hear the lesson in her loving support. She is much nicer to me than I am to me.

Thank God I have brains enough to know I need to be surrounded by a great support team: A loving action buddy, master spiritual guide, get ‘er done coach, nurturing success mentor, backend logistics team lead by my VA and a supporting cast of thousands!

Building a business & marketing is a Team Sport

It is the biggest growth and development training you will ever do. So who do you have on your team? It’s time to give up being the Lone Ranger. Especially if you have a BIG dream. If you are just starting out or finally hearing this for the Uptenth time. Start delegating to a VA or personal assistant. Get yourself a marketing coach to be in the trenches with you. Don’t go it alone. Find someone you can relate to and love to work with and get to it!

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