Hustle Sucks! (ugh) Try these ninja mind hacks to free yourself to the flow

I surrender. Send up the red smoke signal…It’s time to give up.


Hustle Sucks! I’m effing exhausted!

I’ve spent my entire life fighting, striving and competitively pushing to be the best and get on top.

My Dad instilled in me (and my brother) to “Work Hard”.

And if that doesn’t get you where you want to go…

Well, work harder. And above all never give up!

It was one of those fateful mornings. My Dad was going to teach me to ride a bike…

My heart was pounding and practically jumping out of my tiny chest as I ran excitedly out of the house and into the garage.

OMG! I stopped short. My mouth fell open.

There was my Dad standing right next to a huge red bike.

My brother’s gigantic red Schwinn with the big tires and boy bar going across.

“No, don’t panic. I’ve got this, I’ve got this”. Push those fearful thoughts of falling, bruising and bleeding, push them down” I fiercely commanded myself.

It was in that moment that I decided, no matter how big or impossible the task was, I would make it work…

Or die trying.

So fast forward to my business and entrepreneurial endeavors today.

I am still that 6 year old battling the Dragon of the Big Red Bike.

But I am exhausted and it’s not one challenge but a whole slew of them,


“I give up! I quit”.  Surrender.

I just let go without effort and let the magic flow.

And that’s when it all started to happen.

Simply just setting the INTENTION to have fun and go out and PLAY.

It became so obvious that FUN is the Key to Effortless manifesting.

The more relaxed the more creative. The more creative the more inspired. The more inspired the more enrolling, clients and money.


So give up the Hustle and ramp up the Happiness!


Here are a few simple ninja hacks I got from my fabulous friend Nick


  1. BREATHE deep
  2. ONE THING at a time
  3. LISTEN carefully
  4. RESPOND slowly
  5. SMILE
  6. THINK of OTHERS first


  1. LIMITING beliefs
  2. Dwelling on the PAST
  3. WORRYING about the future
  4. Negative SELF-TALK
  5. The need to IMPRESS OTHERS
  7. The need to ALWAYS be RIGHT
  8. Resistance to CHANGE
  9. BLAMING others
  10. The need for other’s APPROVAL

Use these simple ninja mind hacks to bring you back to center. To be grateful and enjoy every day no matter what’s happening.


“Don’t Worry, Be Happy”—Meher Baba, modern day mystic


Liberate Your Rebel Spirit!



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