How to Write Head Whippin’ Rebel Content for Your Blogs so you Don’t Bore Them to Death

How to Write Head Whippin’ Rebel Content for Your Blogs

We all need a Good Slap to wake us up and get present most of the time. When you are writing your copy best to have that telltale twinkle of mischievousness goin’ on.

It’s easy-peasy to create boring content.

So how do you make it captivating?

I am not sayin’ drop the F-Bomb 22 times like a certain someone did in a recent interview (Ben Affleck) that went viral and caused a ruckus.

Nope. And you do have to interrupt the status quo and use your super power point of view (SPP) to persuade your audience to open your emails, read your blogs and take action.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how ‘cause I am going to share 5 of my Super Rebel Copy Creation tips.

  1. Have a Point of View. Tell us something you feel strongly about, raise a ruckus. Enthusiasm is contagious. Passion enrolls us. It stirs our own juices to flow. And who doesn’t want some of that?
  1. Share your Insights. Information is great however anyone can “Google it”. So actually now, content has become a commodity. We all have access to the same information and because of that it has lost its value. However, when you add your insight that is rich. It requires smarts and sophistication and that increases the relevance and further positions you as a thought leader.
  1. Be Provocative. Ask thought provoking questions. Something like “Would you Rather be Adored or Respected?” Be prepared for people to post their views and comments on your social media so you can interact with them.
  1. Give a glimpse behind the curtain. Once and awhile post something more personal about what you are challenged, confronted or moved by. Possibly something in your creative process of personal life. Show us your 3-D self so we understand who you really are as a person.
  1. Dare Us. We love a challenge. Dare we do something that might make us uncomfortable but the reward will be worth it. Be courageous enough to push us and ignite our inner rebel. You might occasionally piss people off, but your job is to change the way we think. G’head I dare ya!

The goal of your communication is not to create more content. And despite what you have been told it’s not to be top of mind either.

The world doesn’t need another blog, tweet or article. What the world needs is YOU.

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