How to Promote Yourself without Looking Like a Freakin’ Jerk

How to Promote Yourself without Looking Like a Freakin’ Jerk

Most of us went into business to do the thing we have a zone of genius in…but talk about yourself? No Way! It’s so much easier to promote someone or better yet something else than me. Talking about yourself is especially challenging to the super introverts and surprisingly can be for extroverts too. We are living in the most bullish-enteric nation on earth when it comes to personal branding. Yes, American’s Brand is confidence, positive assertive, self-assured, bold, determined and always optimistic. (There seems to be this underlying current to prove yourself all the time).

But you don’t have to when you have a Brilliant Brand. It can cut through the crap and make you stand out and it makes sales easier. What is amazing about creating a Brilliant Brand is the brand speaks for you. It does a lot of the heavy lifting right up front. There are a lot of misunderstandings about what a brand is. A brand is not a logo, sassy tagline or pretty website. A brand is a perception that creates value and I take this even a step further. For me a Brilliant Brand captures your core: It’s a reflection of the core essence of YOU.

“A Brilliant Brand Captures Your Core”

The First step: Understand your value and the true value of self-promotion. When you Stand Out and Stand for something bigger than you, you are seen as a Rock Star. Not a Rock Star wearing a meat dress or smashing your guitar on stage (or going to rehab) but someone making a difference, creating results for your clients with integrity and authenticity. Someone who empowers and promotes others and creates a space for everyone’s greatness.

The Second Step: Demonstrate your expertise with stories from your life or your client’s lives. You can say you are a creative genius but that can be interpreted that you are an egocentric maniac. Better to say that would be… Many of my clients produce such extraordinary results that they affectionately call me “The Creative Genius”. Keep the story tight and relevant. It has been scientifically proven that when you are telling a story with a point that is relevant your audience’s brains light up: They are literally immerse in the story with you making a far deeper impression.

“Facts Tell and Stories Sell”

The Third Step: Demonstrate humility. That doesn’t mean to downplay your accomplishments however it does require some sensitivity so you don’t make people feel that they are losers or beneath you. If you find yourself bragging you can always say “I am not telling you this to impress you, but to impress upon you that if I can do it you can do it”. And above all else avoid self-deprecation (a tactic that so doesn’t work) it mostly appears likes it’s disingenuous or patronizing. Instead just Be Real. When people feel how REAL you are they trust you and can relate.

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