How to Create Curiosity, Surprise, and Delight in Your Marketing Messages

I was thinking about this today.

While on the phone talking to clients and prospective clients all the effing day long (Sometimes I just can’t shut up). They all had the same question…

How can I get people to open my emails?

It seemed they were all complaining about emails and how no one seems to open them anymore.

It’s true that what got people to open in the past might not do it now. We have the attention of a small goldfish, 9 seconds (and getting shorter as we speak). You have to keep reinventing yourself and your business or you will get left behind in the dust.

Think Las Vegas (what comes to mind?)storefront

“What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas”

Right? Not so surprising anymore.

On my recent trip to New York City I wanted to stop by the old  CBGB’s (the home of Punk Rock) and was informed by my friend, “Oh that’s not here anymore they moved it to Las Vegas”.

That surprised and delighted me and even got me curious to actually go to Vegas! (true)

Writing headlines that create curiosity, surprise and delight is what makes people want to click and open your stuff and read it.

It’s those words. And having a different point of view.

Something FRESH.

So there are always the headlines that work. And have worked forever (Not saying you shouldn’t use them) …G’ahead.

  1. How to ________________ . One of the most popular because people are searching for quick fixes and answers.
  1. Lists. Any headline with numbers that promises to make it easy like 7 email subject lines that work every time. Or 27 reasons your copy sucks.
  1. How You Can ______________ it’s what we all want…Have it all in 2 days or less! Or How You Can Lose Weight by Eating all the Chocolate You Want (now you’re talking, sister).

Sure these types of headlines and email subject lines work but do they create curiosity or surprise and delight?

Are they different and stand out?

Are they uniquely YOU?

So what makes headlines and subject lines compelling?

Its things that make you feel and that create tension. It’s copy that creates curiosity, surprise and delight. Something that compels you to read on that draws you in.

Bold Statement:
I Quit!
I am Fat, Gay and Broke
Hey U

Tease or Flirtation:
You are the Female Johnny Depp
It was a day like any other day until…
If I only knew…
2 Queen Beds for 2 Queens

It’s too good and it’s true
Objects in the mirror may appear closer than they are…

The subject of your email is an open loop that is explained as the viewer reads on.

It’s dramatic tension that makes a novel a page-turner, emails you simply have to open and products that people are inspired to buy.

Imagine writing emails with story that surprise and delight.

They are inspiring to write, make you laugh out loud and giggle all day. That’s when you know you are onto something good, maybe even great.

Do you think it would make a difference in your open rate?

And your conversions?

Yell Yeah!

So what is one subject line you are inspired to write? Let me know in the comments.

Liberate Your Rebel Spirit…

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