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How to create a kick-butt opt-in & build your list fast

How to create a kick-butt opt-in & build your list fast

If you have no customers, then you have no business.  Your customer list IS your business; this is true if you work online or offline.  So what does this have to do with your opt-in?  Your opt-in is the place for customers and potential customers to submit their information. This is how you are going to build your customer list. So it is time to realize that your opt-in is what will turn a one time visitor into a lifetime customer.

If your opt-in is not converting or (gasp!) you do not have an opt-in at all, you are losing money every single day.  You are also missing out on an opportunity to impact and change lives by reaching more people.

So how do you create an opt-in that will convert like crazy?

When people meet you or visit your website, they do not care about what you do, and they do not want another newsletter. They just want their problems solved, and they want to have their cravings fulfilled.  So…. the first step is to figure out your ideal customer and know their biggest problem. Take some time to brainstorm what your customer is looking for and what they truly want. What problem do you hear your clients talking about?  What questions are you asked again and again? I like to write down the ten most asked questions I get when I meet people, I look for a pattern and see if there is a solution I can offer from these questions.

Let’s go deeper with this thinking.  Then pick out a few of the top things that stand out to you and let’s get to work creating your offer.What is the biggest problem you solve when someone works with you?  What frustration do you fix?  What issues and questions can you solve for someone before they hire you?  The answer to these questions will create your opt-in offer.  Now get out some paper, and spend some time brainstorming all the answers.

Think about One Problem and One Solution.  This is how you will come up with the title of the opt-in.  The title should be related to the solution, not the problem.   This is the secret-sauce.  What is the result??  What is the result someone will get from your offer?  What can they expect?

Here is a few examples.  Get MORE followers on Twitter. Lose 5 lbs in a week. Make $500 a day.  Think about results, and write down these results.  Pick out the solution that most people want.  Which result can you get someone the fastest?  You know that you can get this result again and again, if they follow the directions in your offer.   This will become the title.

You can spice up this title with words that entice.  Some common words that are used in opt-in titles

·       Keys

·       Secrets

·       Strategies

·       Tips

·       Step-by-step

·       Formulas

·       Systems

For example, 7 Keys to get out of debt.  Or… The secret formula to get 3 new clients every week.  Spend 10 minutes and come up with a catchy title.

Now you have to decide how to deliver your offer.  You can make a pdf, ebook, audio, video, workbook, checklist, physical CD or DVD, email series, live call or another creative way.  Think about your audience and make sure you are making it simple, easy and convenient for them to get your offer.  If they have to go through many steps, it will be too much work and your offer will be ignored. Also do not make a online video if you have clients who are not familiar with their computer.  Make sure to use the method that works for your audience.

Time for creation!  Follow these simple rules and you will have an opt-in offer that will have clients begging for more.     

Rule #1- Be yourself.  Use your voice, and your message.  Be true to yourself, do not act fake, or try to be something you are not.  Show your passion for what you do, your audience will be able to feel it when they enjoy your offer.

Rule #2- Treat people like you met them in person.  Think about if you ran into a friend for lunch.  Make sure you talk and act as you would to help a friend and talk as if to only one person and as if they are sitting across the table from you.

Rule #3 Give Value.  I have found that people try to hold back, or try to make a sale from their opt-in.  This is not the place to sell.  This is the place to give.  Give your best stuff!  Do not hold back.  Share like it is your best friend.

What happens after the opt-in?  You now have a subscriber on your email list.  You will want to value this customer or potential customer like gold.  Keep in touch with them every single week, share your stories and make sure you start to include a call to action for other products and services.

Building your list will not happen overnight.  But with a compelling opt-in offer that gives tremendous value, you will start to see your business growth almost instantly.   Make sure your opt-in form is everywhere possible.  You want this at the top of your website, with every article and do not forget to ask when you meet someone in person, or a visitor walks into your store.  Every business can benefit from an opt-in offer.   You are leaving money on the table if you walk away and do not implement this.  Do not delay, this should be done before anything else in your business.  Block out a few hours today, and get this done!

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