How to Create a Brilliant Brand

How to Create a Brilliant Brand

If you have not spent anytime on your brand and defining the experience you want people to have when working with you they may just forget you all together.

The WORST thing that can happen when you leave the room is
they don’t say ANYTHING.

You are simply forgotten or lost in the vanilla, plain way that you came in. It’s not that you are not good at what you do, or smart or attractive. You simply didn’t say anything of interest to get their attention. You had the same old, same old way of speaking (like everyone else in your profession). The same old defining words with no spin of your personality or point of view. And frankly you were way to NORMAL to get any attention or be memorable.

It’s crucial in this overcrowded market place and over stimulated world that we live in that you stand for something and stand out. Otherwise you are just going to get lost in the 72 Million websites and messages that have been created this year (and climbing).

But don’t freak out. We are going to dive deeply into what makes your brand, your brand . Be your own brand (BYOB) and how you can write about it in a way that magnetizes your people, who are out there looking for you, to you and gets them to work with you. Brand Yourself Brilliantly, Market like Madonna & Profit like a Rock Star will get you powerfully started on building your brand and powerfully building your business.

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